Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pope and The Women of The View...

Yesterday, the ladies on The View made fun of Pope Benedict XVI because of what he had to say about gay marriage.  So what did the Pope say?
Pope Benedict XVI has a warning for all mankind: Gay marriage is one of a number of threats to the family unit that holds the potential to undermine “the future of humanity itself.” This warning, which is sure to cause angst and pain among those who disagree with its sentiment, comes as other Catholic figures are using strong language to condemn pro-same-sex marriage policies.

During an address to diplomats from nearly 180 nations, the pope discussed the importance of education and the need to reinforce the traditional man and wife paradigm. According to the Daily Mail, these were some of the pope’s strongest comments yet about gay marriage, as he said that the family unit is necessary to sustain both education and development.

“This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society,” he said. “Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself. The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and states.” - Source

Modern Popes are accustomed to being ignored and laughed at.  A predecessor of Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XV had a peace plan for Europe* that was ignored; while Paul VI was not only ignored, but ridiculed for his prophetic encyclical, Humanae Vitae - On the Regulation of Birth.

*On 1 August 1917, Benedict issued a seven point peace plan stating that: (1) "the moral force of right . . . be substituted for the material force of arms," (2) there must be "simultaneous and reciprocal diminution of armaments," (3) a mechanism for "international arbitration" must be established," (4) "true liberty and common rights over the sea" should exist, (5) there should be a "renunciation of war indemnities," (6) occupied territories should be evacuated, and (7) there should be "an examination . . . of rival claims." Great Britain reacted favourably but President Woodrow Wilson rejected the plan. Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary were favorable but Germany replied ambiguously. Benedict also called for outlawing conscription, a call he repeated in 1921. Some of the proposals eventually were included in Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points call for peace in January 1918. - Wiki


  1. He's in good company.

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  3. BTW, I think you are spot on about the much-maligned Paul VI. 'Humanae vitae' was indeed prophetic, both in the biblical and current understandings of the word.

  4. I am both surprised and disappointed that you would consider the Daily Mail as a reputable source. Benedict said nothing specifically about gay marriage. The sentences referred to by the Mail come in a beautifully worded paragraph which I quote:

    "Blessed John Paul II stated that “the path of peace is at the same time the path of the young”,[1] inasmuch as young people embody “the youth of the nations and societies, the youth of every family and of all humanity”.[2] Young people thus impel us to take seriously their demand for truth, justice and peace. For this reason, I chose them as the subject of my annual World Day of Peace Message, entitled Educating Young People in Justice and Peace. Education is a crucial theme for every generation, for it determines the healthy development of each person and the future of all society. It thus represents a task of primary importance in this difficult and demanding time. In addition to a clear goal, that of leading young people to a full knowledge of reality and thus of truth, education needs settings. Among these, pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and a woman. This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself. The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and States; hence there is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue. It is in the family that we become open to the world and to life and, as I pointed out during my visit to Croatia, “openness to life is a sign of openness to the future”.[3] In this context of openness to life, I note with satisfaction the recent sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union forbidding patenting processes relative to human embryonic stem cells, as well as the resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe condemning prenatal selection on the basis of sex."

    The full text may be obtained on the Vatican website.

    The present pope speaks of the importance of children being educated in a family based on the marriage of a man and woman. This is solid Catholic teaching; but it encompasses such situations as children who are being raised by an unmarried couple and single parents, not simply same-sex marriages.

    Once again, the Daily Mail publishes a less than accurate article.

  5. Parepimentodos - I was writing about the article or news that the women of The View were making such fun of. I know nothing about the British tabloid industry. Thanks for supplying the accurate quote.

    FYI - it still would not stop the women of The View from mocking the Pope and the Catholic Church.

  6. Funny timing given the new study by the Williams Institute that show lesbian parents are actually better when it comes to rates of child abuse than hetero families:

    That's right--zero cases of abuse in lesbian households. Lower than hetero families.

  7. The most bloody bar fights I ever broke up when I was tending bar in my gay nightclub were between lesbians.

    So loving.

  8. @doughboy

    The plural of "[homophobic] anecdote" is not "data". Read the scientific study.

  9. I'm sure that scientific study was entirely objective and didn't have an agenda.

    Most "studies" involving homosexuality, whether scientific or theoretical, are done by people who already have a point of view they are trying to push.

    Add that to the fact that no one could get funding for any study that does not reach the politically acceptable conclusions.


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