Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Michael Voris Affair

On the Canon Law 'Catholic' trade-name dispute.

It just might not be as much about Canon Law as some people would like you to think it is.

I do not think this is just another conspiracy theory either.  JoeK of Defend Us In Battle blog wrote a very respectful and rather insightful commentary/critique of the controversy generated by the Archdiocese of Detroit involving Michael Voris and his unauthorized use of the term "Catholic" in the 'branding' of his company, "Real Catholic TV".  (Talk about brand loyalty.)  Anyway - I'll let you read what JoeK has to say on the subject:
The only portion of this dispute that turns on Canon law is the Canon law question of whether the AOD can Canonically prohibit RCTV from using the name 'Catholic.' Beyond that, this matter has nothing to do with Canon law. In the most recent Vortex, Voris himself admits that they will not be making Canonical arguments about this issue. He issues a call to prayer. 
If this isn't about popular opinion, blogs, and what people "think" why are so many "gigs" being wasted on it? Why has Dr. Peters written three blog posts about it? Why does Father Z. put up posts that essentially are copies of Dr. Peters' posts, only so that people can use his [Fr. Z's] com-box for discussion? Why have other blogs who rarely write about such things made this a "hot topic" on their blogs? I will tell you why, again. This was meant to be, and has become, a public opinion battle.

The reason that so many are on Voris' side in this is simple: walk into a parish anywhere and you are likely to find what he talks about on the Vortex everyday. This is true in the Archdiocese of Detroit, I was a parishioner there in several parishes. Bloggers who write and talk about the faith everyday know that Voris is on to something, even if they don't like his method, tone, or hair. He is willing to say in public, what most are only willing to say to their close friends: there are serious problems in our parishes and it seems that priests and Bishops turn a blind eye to them. This being the case, when a Bishop, who many consider to be very orthodox and loyal to the Church, comes out and tries to silence that voice... people are left in a quandary. 
The faithful want an authentic version of the faith. They want to hear the Pope say something, and then witness it in their parish. Parents want to teach their children about the faith, and have it affirmed in homilies at Mass. The youth want a faith that they are willing to go against the culture for. People know what is real when they see it, and frankly... in many parishes - THEY DON'T SEE IT. So when someone like Voris says what many have been thinking, they gravitate to him. He becomes the "real" to them. So when matters like this come up, and complex Canonical issues are involved in what has been made to be a "popular opinion" battle, people will do what they can to back their man. That being said, I don't believe that "might makes right," I am simply observing the landscape.

This isn't about Canon law. Archdioceses don't put out press releases on issues preemptively to make the point that they need to deal with a Canonical issue. Someone convinced the good Archbishop that they could achieve whatever ultimate end they are seeking by waging this in the public realm. They were wrong. The good Archbishop should root out his faulty advisers and start addressing the real problem here: modernism and heterodoxy run amok. The world is in upheaval, and people want a strong bold leader. They want words and action. One entity in this dispute has waged a war of words, the other has waged a war of words and action. Specifically prayer. 
So realize... this isn't about Canon law. I know I am some lowly ole' blogger in Alaska, but my email is on the sidebar if anyone wants to discuss this further. As always, the com-box is open as well. I just hope the good Archbishop realizes that the longer he lets those in the AOD wage this war attempting to convince people that this is about Canon law, the worse it becomes for him. The blogosphere is speaking, and it isn't echoing many praises of the AOD. - JoeK: Defend us In Battle

Editor's note:  People should start reading more of the 'outsider' blogs and 'independent' sites - after awhile, all the members of the '.comblogerates' and 'news portals' seem to just parrot one another on the big news stories, and no one dares speak out of line - and if you do, you don't get promoted anymore.  Not a good thing. 

You vill conform - and be nice to the right people!


  1. Editor's note: People should start reading more of the 'outsider' blogs and 'independent' sites

    That's why I read Abbey Roads...

  2. They are going after a chump like Voris.

    Why don't they have some real cajones and tell this group they cannot use this Roman Catholic title:

    Knights Templar is Roman Catholic, not Jewish Freemason.


  3. "even if they don't like his method, tone, or hair."

    check. check. and check.

  4. I should probably remove 'Catholic' from my two outsider blogs. Wait, I'd have to have them draw attention first. OK, on second thought, not worries.


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