Monday, January 02, 2012

The little Russian saint, Seraphim Sarovsky.

I scanned my little icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov - shown here, which dates to the year of his canonization (1903) and was made at his monastery.

He is a favorite saint of mine whose feast falls on the birthday of little Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.  They are very much alike, since their spirituality was directed especially towards lay people and sinners in the world.  They teach us that it is good to know we are imperfect and to remain so as long as the Holy Spirit is pleased to leave us there... and even to delight in it.  How wonderful when everyone condemns you - your own conscience included - for then you are surely fitted to receive the mercy of God in abundance.  It is very much like what St. Francis referred to as the 'perfect joy' - it is something the imperfect can actually know and experience.

To read about the Holy Father Seraphim and the acquisition of the Holy Spirit, click here.

Disclaimer:  Remember, the feast day devils taunt us on and around the holy days - they try to make us fall:  If you do, repent immediately and humble yourself and know Our Lord is not surprised.  He is there for us.  If you fall again, repent again.  Our Lord is not surprised.  Our Lord knows not to trust us, so don't pretend and try to trust yourself.  Repent again and trust only in God's mercy and love that comes to us in Christ Jesus.  Confidence and love.  The devils hate it that we can keep trying and seek to dissuade us from doing so. 


  1. Been awhile since I visited your blog and I just noticed your new banner lol - everything alright in your end? Hope you had a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful post! Reminds me of this:
    "I often think that the ideal of our perfection that we set up, and often go through torture to achieve, may not be God’s idea of how He wants us to be at all. That may be something quite different that we never would have thought of, and what seems like a failure to us may really be something bringing us closer to His will for us."
    Caryll Houselander

  3. Thanks, Terry. Your words have been a gift to me and sorely needed last night & this morning. I keep trying to make myself all scrubbed up & presentable for our Lord; proving to Him that I'm somehow worthy and properly disposed therefore to receive Him. And then when I fall into mortal sin, I tend to despair. Confidence and love. Jesus: I. Trust. In. You. Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

  4. SF - excellent quote. Especially applicable to us lay people.

  5. Mark - yes - all is fine - glad you like the header.

    Shadow - I thought you'd like this.

    DB - you're a good man.

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  7. I love St. Seraphim. I have an icon of him in my bedroom.

  8. i printed all this off (including the link information) and provided to my *courage* group last night. your post helped everyone in attendance, terry. :)


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