Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I did it...

I fell.

I wasn't going to do it, but I gave in.  I posted about Fr. Corapi - to 'cash in' on his recent news - or rather, the lack thereof.  He disappeared from the Internet - he went offline - no explanation, without a trace.  (Although, for all the interest he generates, couldn't someone have gone to Kalispell and staked him out?  Aren't there Catholics in Kalispell who read the gossip blogs?) 

So anyway, as I admitted before, I'm not really interested in him except to push people's buttons.  This morning I have come across several blogs that have jumped on the story, always counselling discretion and prayer and the deepest concern of course... while throwing open the doors for criticism and speculation - in charity.  How spiritually helpful can you get?

I know, you don't have to tell me - But terry, you are re-posting on him now.  What can I say? 

Anyway - I'm seriously trying to leave the guy - Corapi - alone.  He's living his life as he sees fit.  It was only because he turned into a celebrity evangelist that he became the object of everyones concern.  He became a  star, and then his light went out.  It happens.  That said,  I've known many ordinary Catholics, priests and religious and laity who have left the Church for one reason or another - they do just fine with their lives.  They get married, raise a family, attend another church - or not - and they live out their lives as they see fit - without fanfare.

It happens - go figure. 


  1. Terry, don't worry awfully...I didn't read this post. I just dropped round to let you know that I didn't read your post. So, if in fact you fell, you didn't take me with you, which may, or may not, be of some consolation.

  2. There you go, taking the high road again... ;)

  3. Thanks Owen - How nice. BTW I didn't see you there - your post landed in my spam box, old fella. Curious. ;)

  4. Terry, the ways of God are indeed mysterious.

  5. I know. So what up with your latest blog change?

  6. Terry, are you asking me?


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