Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm back: A post about nothing.

It's amazing.

What is?

Internet addiction.

By the time I got my new laptop - today - I was just beginning to get used to being offline.  In fact - I actually found stuff to do - like reading - lots of it.  This evening I have been busy setting up programs and stuff - I don't like doing it - it's like work.  I also answered a couple of emails - others I had to let go for now.  Too many emails and not enough time - or something like that.

The posts I had been working on no longer seem important. 

I began a couple of paintings during the break.  That's better.

I didn't miss anything, did I.  That is not a question. 


  1. Isn't it funny how when you CANT get online, you read, paint, trap, etc... and while away you dont care?

    The second it is close though, you go right back to it?

    Likewise, when I start a post, and let it "stew" a bit, it no longer seems important once I come back to it.

    OK now more dawdling, back to reading and writing Blog stuff.

  2. Terry Nelson, I am a middle aged lady who has knelt down on her knees, to pray for you. Stand up and get strong! Don't mean to shout at you, it's just that we need you. Truly. Thank you for employing me, over the last few years. Ros. Rosalind.

  3. Huh? You were gone?

  4. Joseph- trap. lolololol

  5. @LarryD, now that, was truly funny.

    @Terry, I wonder sometimes if it's really an addiction to the need for constant affirmation of our own worth and the Internet --at least this form of it, blogging and other social media-- is merely the vehicle that serves the addiction. H-m-m

  6. LarryD said...

    Huh? You were gone?


    I'm not taking the mickey. I am also, always off, then back. Then gone again. Larry is the only sane employee, in this joint!

  7. Larry is the only sane employee, in this joint!

    Don't you dare slander me!! LOL!

  8. larry plays the piano in this place.


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