Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BREAKING: Important information....

At first I thought I was being abducted.  There I was, all busy preparing to write a really interesting blog post on Catholic Orgasmic Mysticism - then my computer froze and I suddenly lost Internet connection.  I tried to reboot and did all of the stuff a tech savy guy could do, but then the computer just crashed - it went black.  It soon dawned on me that the sun spot activity most likely affected my access and blew up my lap top.  Although, just the night before I had two dreams in succession dealing with putting a cork back in a wine bottle - the cork wouldn't fit so I had to 'cut it off'.  I know!  The same thought occurred to me:  'Put a cork in it!' and 'cut it off!' - Someone does not want me to post on orgasmic mystical experience.  Just yet.

I'm on the lamb now, however.  I'm hiding out at a Kinko's at an undisclosed location, which means I don't know where I am, and that also explains why I think I may have been abducted.  I may not be making any sense, because I'm going through net withdrawal at the same time.  I'm serious.  I don't know what to do with myself.  I keep wondering what is going on in the blogosphere and I can't find out.  What if access was denied to everyone?  How would we let other people who don't know how smart we are, know our opinions on stuff?  How would we get our doctrines and dogmas out there?  Seeing how I was totally cut off from discussing orgasmic mystical experience, you know what I'm talking about.  The world is not a beetr place.  If you doubt me, then consider it this way:  What if I accepted - nay - lived on donations from devout fools - and the net was down?  I was cut off - no Paypal no nothing?  I would starve.

Yes dear readers, I'm shaken and somewhat stirred, but I'm okay!  I should be back online soon - I actually know when that will happen, but I don't want to tell you so you will check back multiple times and drive my stats through the roof.

We love you family!

Bob and Penny Lord


  1. The bunny picture makes me sad. I hope you get back online soon. It's a pain when things mess up.

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  3. "We love you family! Bob and Penny Lord"

    Dammit! You made me blow orange juice out my nose.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM


    (laughing quite loudly)

  5. Maybe the dream meant not to cork it. That bottle of wine apparently wanted to be emptied.

  6. if you post on orgasmic stuff, my netnanny's gonna block you.

  7. Ground Control to Major are floating in a most peculiar way.

    Well, there's nothing I can do.

  8. I'm back - new laptop and I'm trying to figure it out. Owen - it will be okay.

  9. Phew, now I can rest in peace -- wait!


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