Thursday, September 15, 2011

Issues at hand...

 Archbishop Vigneron leading a pro-life prayer vigil in pouring rain.

Fr. Frank Pavone.
Nothing much to say.  He's a priest with a ministry subject to his bishop.  He evidently devotes all of his time to his apostolate and is going through the appropriate channels to ensure that he can continue to do so.  It's all canonical at this point.  From what I know of Fr. Pavone - a priest I deeply admire BTW - he's a good and generous and faithful servant of God.  I've never sent money to Priests For Life however.  I have sponsored a friend or two who participated in a walk for life occasionally - but I'm not part of any 'pro-life organization' so to speak.  I'm not part of any organization - I'm Catholic.  That said, I pray pro-life, I vote pro-life, and I'm totally and unreservedly against contraception, abortion, euthanasia, fetal stem cell research, IVF, and so on.  Abortion:  I'm against it. 
Bishop Cupich.
I don't get it.  I don't get him.  I find it so strange that he would ban priests and seminarians from demonstrating outside abortion mills like Planned Parenthood.  He doesn't want his priests to be associated with the lowly 'extremeists who carry large placards with photos of aborted babies?  The priests - and not a few bishops who pray outside of these facilities provide the necessary leadership and direction for those who have stood there for all of these years - the priests and bishops and seminarians who pray outside the death chambers demonstrate solidarity with the faithful who support life.  I don't get it. 

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On a much lighter note, Crescat has a great post on women who are shrews and how they drive men away from innocent doves such as herself.  It's so refreshing to hear a woman actually admit 'it' is womens fault.  That said, the personality type she alludes to in her post is also the type of woman, if she had the misfortune to have been a mother, who is pretty much responsible for instilling misogyny into those boys who either grow up to batter women or turn a small percentage of them gay, not to mention the risk of turning their daughters  into some variation of Chaz Bono.  I'm generalizing of course... maybe even exaggerating...  What?
So, in my best Joel Osteen voice, I say to y'all:  "Have a nice day."  (Someone told me my blog is getting rather dull.  Sorry - Comment Moderation continues to be necessary - people with MPD you know.)
Photo:  Archbishop Vigneron leading a pro-life prayer vigil in pouring rain.  Courtesy of Diane at Te Deum.


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    You worship in the Modernist Church, yet you are surprised when your bishops turn out to be anti-life? Pffft...

  2. The article she cites is sickening - how on earth that Jin of crap is legal anywhere can only be explained biblically. It's depraved on so many levels.

    As for tv, at least the woman in the commercial you saw had the decency to say "husband", and not "boyfriend" or something.

  3. Hi Merc - found it! You meant this for the 'afraid to leave the house" post, didn't you?

  4. Please, Lord, not another 'celebrity priest scandal'.

    Thank God I've never had to work with, nor encounter very often in real life, such women as Crescat talks about, although I've come across them too often online. Their emotional imbalance is probably due in part to being extremely insecure--perhaps from having had an abusive parent themselves.

  5. Yes, Terry. I reposted there.

    I don't know what is up with the bishop and the pro-lifers, though I do think the giant aborted baby images are not the right way to go (I think people use it as a badge of righteousness "look how X-treme pro-life I am")

    But praying the rosary in front of abortion mills, priests performing rites of exorcism - what bishop would not want that in his diocese?

  6. A Random Friar6:52 PM

    I do not understand His Excellency's stand on banning the priests and seminarians from participating in public pro-Life ministries. I myself am active here in 40 Days for Life. I have yet to have witnessed any hate or negativity from my fellow protesters. I have been far more on the receiving end. It is, to contrast it historically, like a silent sit-in.

    Sadly, even my own order has fallen into the trap of "pro-life" = "anti-abortion right wing zealots." They will fight for the environment and the poor, try to abolish the death penalty, but not fear contagion from *the* life issue of our times? I fear it is more political reaction than an examination of the facts.

    I pray his brother bishops offer their own insight and experience with 40DFL and other such marches or witnesses for life.

    Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I am, literally (and I mean that literally) interrupting my 40DFL campaign for this parish.

  7. Re the shrews--I've seen LOTS of them, even in disrespectful..this single gal will gladly take your kind gentle senisitive man off your hands and make him waffles for breakfast..

    Re the priests at abortion clinics--maybe their bishops are like my boss and line of work where my job would be in jeprody if I got arrested, especially if any kind of violence, vandalism etc happened. I was in one demonstration in Mississippi years ago when people on both sides of the street started screaming at each other and throwing rocks and bottles at each other. That was the end of it for me. You just never know when a peaceful demonstration will turn ugly..then of course the bad press.


  8. No more commentary on Fr. Pavone?

    There’s a food chain almost everywhere you look. Abortion, as every pro-lifer knows, is BIG business. And sadly there are some who use the pro-life cause to make money. Fr. Corapi, seeking laicization I believe, is one example of a priest who used a conservative message to make money, lots of money. And he only left the priesthood when, like the rich young man in the Bible, he was asked to leave behind everything. In Fr. C’s case he couldn’t leave behind his homes and bank accounts. And now it seems Fr. Pavone of Priest’s for Life is having money troubles too. And his protestations are bizarre to say the least.


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