Monday, September 05, 2011

The Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa

Why I was off-line today.
I was fortunate to get up very early today to attend Mass latter in the morning at the Cathedral of St. Paul for the feast day of Blessed Mother Teresa.  It was so awesome and beautiful, reverent and holy.  It seemed to me that I heard very deeply in my heart that we must love one another and forgive one another.  That the truth is all about love and being loved - that we are first loved by God - and that is how we are able to love.  We must love one another.  We must see Christ in one another.  We need to forgive one another.  If we have not love, we have nothing, we are the poorest of the poor... which in itself makes us lovable.  I understood how far adrift I've gone from that one thing necessary, how I've lost sight of the immensity of the love of God, wasting my time on trifles and shadows.  The joy of Mother Teresa seemed to fill the Cathedral, dispersing the darkest, gloomiest thoughts clouding my heart and once again it seemed I recognized how simple and pure the love of God is and how critical it is for us to love one another.

I'm convinced that Blessed Mother Teresa is very much the greatest saint of these modern times.
Pray for us Blessed Mother Teresa, obtain for us a great increase in love of God and our neighbor.  Amen.


  1. Thanks for pointing out how I just wasted my day :)

    Really, thanks for this.

  2. We must love one another. We must see Christ in one another. We need to forgive one another

    I remember asking my Father once when he had forgiven me for something perfecty awful, that I had done AGAIN. I aksed him: Daddy, how can you forgive me? He reminded me: we are to forgive seventy times seven. He allows me to sin so I can repent and love Him more and so be forgiven, right Ter?

  3. I just love the little books of Blessed Mother Teresa's. Short,simple, easy to read, yet packs so much spiritual power.

    I agree with you Terry..she is the saint of our times...especially how she served others without question.


  4. Such humility in the face of so much suffering ...Mother Theresa's love for the poorest of the poor is blinding.I too pray to learn from her example of love of God and neighbor.
    Jesus says it's how the world will know
    we are Christians. +

  5. Thanks to Christopher Hitchens and his bewildering hatred for this amazing human that touched so many lives, I have to deal with so many dillweeds who quote Hitchen's hatchet job when they see her picture on my desk at work. I just cannot understand how anyone can paint her as a villain. Thanks for this wonderful post on this wonderful woman.

  6. Note that Mother Teresa's feast day is properly celebrated by her order; we're fortunate that we have Missionaries of Charity locally and an Auxiliary Bishop who loves Mother Teresa.

  7. She is truly the best. She is a Saint for our times and much needed. You can't find many under any denomination, that doesn't love her. Her message is so simple and true. I love the Missionaries saying of Christ, "I Thirst", reminding us that all are wanting of His divine love.

    Speaking of truth as love, I had a dream the month before 9-11. I bolted up from my bed scared to death that something awful was coming and I remember praying to God for mercy of whatever that thing was. I remembered clearly the dream that woke me. It was of a priest teaching
    on a blackboard. He wrote 3 words and said no matter
    what happens in the days and years to come, remember
    these three words: "Knowledge. Truth. Love. " I realize
    now that God doesn't want us to be afraid. His love is the only truth and we must have the knowledge to never forget it under any circumstance.

  8. Amen, Terry. I think she's one of the most important Saints for our age, too.

    Did you happen to read this GREAT article by Fr Paul Scalia which affects most of us "internetting Catholics"?:

    It's right up your alley, so to speak.

    And wow, what's been going on with your com box? 187 posts on one of them! (I miss so much when I take an internet fast)

  9. You wrote, "That the truth is all about love and being loved"

    Yes, I've thought the exact same thing. I kept wondering if a greater love negates some of our sins but I don't know if that idea is true so I didn't write about it.

    A greater love repairs and heals so very much pain in our lives.

    The love that we extend to others lifts up the person who we share love with and this action brings joy to us in return.

    While contemplating love and Christ I was surprised at how much the two are interchangeable. I suppose that when we share love we share Christ. I think it's impossible to convert souls to Christ unless we love them first.

    On the other hand, I have also thought about how hate filled the demons are and how this love which we share, can nullify some of their thoughts, turned into actions, through flesh. Love not only seems to be a salve but it fights brain infection - the battleground for our soul.
    I've also been thinking and experiencing a lot about humility lately but I don't want to go there. Humility lessons are well,.....humiliating. :)

    God doesn't seem to care much about my feelings- that makes me laugh.


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