Sunday, September 04, 2011

Drinking with rabbits.


  1. Well I hope you're drinking carrot juice. Party boozing on a Labor Day weekend can lead you into all sorts of trouble. Repeal the Twenty-first Amendment I say, and let's go dry! (I will be the first to open up a speakeasy in Vegas. I'll make a killing).

    BTW, the clip went slooooooow.

    Also, my friend Terry, if with this post you're implying that you've been drinking with that little speaking rabbit (I forget his name)that has visited you in the past, then don't forget to check the knobs on your gas range. This happened before, and I believe your drinking partner at the time was Marie Antoinette. :0)

  2. I've drunk with that Rabbit, but he wasn't called Harvey back then. Come to think of it, he wasn't a rabbit back then either. He was a vicious old man that turned into a large cat and nearly chewed my arm off!

    I don't mind James Stewart dropping in here now and again, he's so thoughtful, and always goes outside to smoke too.

  3. Terry: My I inadvertently deleted mu audio can can't listen, but Harvey is one of my all time favortie movies. Doesn't he say: he'll have abother lol? Elwood P. Dowd, was there a finer man :)? Said Mr. Dowd. "In this world one must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. I recommend pleasant".

  4. Maria - I recommend pleasant too. I love this film.

    Shadow - I think I'm a Pooka.

    Tom - Marie Antoinette lost her head so she can't hold her liquor any more.

  5. Haha Terry! That's gonna be my new excuse if people suggest I've put on weight (which I have, I'm no elfin anymore...)!

  6. Doggonit, my sentence was incomplete. I meant to write Marie Antoinette AND Boris Yeltsin. It's a funny thing what carbon monoxide can do to a person. But I do recall you saying you had a good time;0)

    Speaking of hypoxia, where's Cathy? I thought she was coming back to blogger. ;0)

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Hi Terry. Hi.



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