"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Right now! Right this very minute!

Cathy is having a brunch.  Larry was NOT invited.  I was, but I said no.  I told her, "If Larry's not invited, then I'm not going either."  Besides - weekend or not - I never drink before cocktail hour at 5 PM sharp.


  1. Ummm....Terry, Cathy did invite me. The food was good. We looked at pictures of Kim Jong-Il. Sorry to break it to you this way, Dumplings.

  2. Terry, Cathy invited him per one of her invisible posts.
    You *Really* need to learn to read those... it is getting kind of awkward.

  3. But seriously Terry, who serves Champagne in a Samovar? Besides Cathy, I mean.

  4. Hey Terry--you can come with me to the FurBall tonight (big annual fundraiser for the Utah Animal Adoption Center)..I couldn't find a doggie date but I can bring a Human one :)

    And believe it or not--for a Utah function--there'll be liquor!! And plenbty of dog bisquits to go with it :)


  5. LMAO-over and over again!


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