Saturday, March 05, 2011

Right now! Right this very minute!

Cathy is having a brunch.  Larry was NOT invited.  I was, but I said no.  I told her, "If Larry's not invited, then I'm not going either."  Besides - weekend or not - I never drink before cocktail hour at 5 PM sharp.


  1. Ummm....Terry, Cathy did invite me. The food was good. We looked at pictures of Kim Jong-Il. Sorry to break it to you this way, Dumplings.

  2. Terry, Cathy invited him per one of her invisible posts.
    You *Really* need to learn to read those... it is getting kind of awkward.

  3. But seriously Terry, who serves Champagne in a Samovar? Besides Cathy, I mean.

  4. Hey Terry--you can come with me to the FurBall tonight (big annual fundraiser for the Utah Animal Adoption Center)..I couldn't find a doggie date but I can bring a Human one :)

    And believe it or not--for a Utah function--there'll be liquor!! And plenbty of dog bisquits to go with it :)


  5. LMAO-over and over again!


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