Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mass Chat: Dear Terry...

Crackpot with a website wisdom.

Ed. Note:  I get questions too you know, thus for my afternoon break I thought I'd answer one.  Not everything is in my acclaimed academic best seller, "Ignored Works", thus from time to time, when Fr. Z is in NYC, I need to answer queries from my fan base...

A kindly reader writes:
Dear Terry,  Do you know why a woman's sexual sin is graver than a man's.


Mr. P
The Original Deal - my reply:
Dear P,

So sorry for the delay, I know you asked this in a previous post.  I want you to know, I actually answered your query 'right off the bat' as they say, but I prudently waited a few days to publish my reply to allow some time for the thought to gel, and then return to review what I wrote so as not to be too precipitous in answering every crackpot with a website.  LOL!  I'm being rather facetious with you!  But it is good to avoid posting without thought. 
So anyway, dear Pablo, may I call you Pablo?  To answer your query, "why are women called to greater purity and are bigger sluts than men when they do dirty things?":
I'm afraid it all has to do with Adam and Eve and that thing theologians refer to as the "original deal".  As you know, Eve, the first woman was created from Adam's rib.  Therefore, Eve's body (and by extension all women's bodies) was not really her own.  Consequently, a woman has no rights except those permitted her by men.  This was what is referred to as the "original deal" - due to the fact Eve's body was taken from the man's body.  It's pretty simple. 
As everyone knows, Eve's sin was the "original deal breaker" - she started it - nevertheless her rebellion never changed the fact her body wasn't her own.  Naturally, this is why a woman's sin against the flesh is considered graver than a man's - the woman has no rights over her body since it really belongs to the man.  One sees this demonstrated in conception - a woman is impregnated with the man's seed - hence the child, though nourished in the mother's womb, is not her property, but remains the man's property. 
With this in mind, we know that everything bad is pretty much the woman's fault, but men may be excused for falling for their manipulative, seductive charms.
Terry, Crackpot with a website
(Except for the original question, I made the rest up.)


  1. Oh, brother, here we go ...


  2. Terry,you always like to open a can of worms. LOL

  3. You crack me up, no pun intended.

    This reminds me of the scene from "Patton" when the General tells his Third Army before setting off for a particularly difficult campaign:

    "If we do not emerge victorious, let no one come back alive."

    One of his aides pulls him aside and says: "You know, sir, sometimes the men can't tell when you're joking and when you're telling the truth."

    Patton deadpans back: "It isn't important for them to know. It's only important for ME to know."

  4. Don't encourage P. He's a misogynistic ****** (well, I can't say or will have to go to confession.)

  5. ... a side thought - once I saw my younger brother starting to put one of our mother's bobby pin into an electrical socket. I rushed down the hallway and knocked him out of the way, and then touched the bobby pin to pull it out, only to be given a large electrical shock. I was in 1st or 2nd grade.

    ... back to (cough) topic. Whose sin was greater in the garden? Adam's or Eve's?

    ... If Adam's? Why

    ...If Eve's? Why

  6. “…Don't encourage P. He's a misogynistic ******…”

    Yes Madam, your comment brings to mind the time Satan called me a son of a bitch, and I whacked him across the chops for maligning my Mother.

    I can understand those that have abandoned hope and capitulated to the whims of the World would fear and deplore the Catholic Truths I subsequently espouse towards women.

    My defense and support of women, especially Widows, is kept private other then the public way in which the orphans and other children of these women obtain and share in those benefits.


    My Mommy had fourteen other children besides me.

    She promised to ‘run off’ the others from her death bed if I would promise not to stand over her like a vulture, as she knew her other children would. She would call for me.

    Before my Mommy died, after an uncalled for Priest came in and gave her the Sacraments, my Mommy called for me and told me she was proud of me; I was her only child that never disrespected her.

    I knew that Priest was not called by my brothers and sisters. I know he responded to many years of prayers “…that we may lead a holy life, die a happy death, and come at last to the fulfillment of the promises of Christ…”

    That my Mommy, God rest her soul, a Catholic Mexican woman, would say she was proud of me with some of her dying breath, makes your comments towards me feathers in the wind, and untrue.

    I suggest you change spiritual directors.

    Should you require, I would be willing to help you acquire a good one.

    I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.


  7. Mr. Nelson,

    Imagine if you will a bunch of Negroes at their Sunday go to meeting, giving a bunch of 'Amen Brother!' 'Hallelujah' shouts as Truth has just been preached.

    ‘Amen! and Hallelujah! to you Mr. Terry.

    I am glad to see some Padres read your blog, and I am certain they are proud as punch at the Roman Catholic way you answered my question.

    My Negro friends want to sing you a little song:

    Yes, you may call me pablo, but with a small p; I am a nobody.

    Viva Cristo Rey!


  8. That's enough now Pablo. Thank you.

  9. PML - That is a good question.

    Eve's sin was greater. Why? She knew Adam was naked before he did.

    That's all folks!

  10. "why are women called to greater purity and are bigger sluts than men when they do dirty things?"

    Sir, you have outdone yourself!

    Love the quote from Patton, which suits you perfectly!

  11. Terry - you know the old story of the little girl and little boy, right? The little boy dropped his pants and said rather snottily "Look what I have."

    The little girl lifted her skirt and said "Harumph! With one of these, I can get as many of those as I want!!"

    And there you have it...


  12. HHHmm..

    This would be interesting to present to our annual "political correctness" and EEO training at work...


  13. Terry, LOLROTF.

    That aside, you really do enjoy living dangerously, don't you?

    LarryD, don't encourage him.

  14. "...My stomach sank--what should I do?--this is the occult that I'm now expected to participate in at work..."

    The Sancte Pater blog posting of February 2nd has an article about EEOC Indoctrination and 'Political Correctness' showing their true colors.

    Whenever I stood up to the weenies that were supposed to shove that foolishness down our throats at work, one of them would always comment “Oh brother, not again…”

    After getting pounded at every turn, the company finally gave up trying.

    They took their agenda elsewhere.

    Stand up for what Christ has taught you.

    Or we will be like Peter.


  15. Pablo - I'm just teasing - lift up your heart.

  16. Mr. Nelson,

    Sometimes we say things that to us are small matters.

    In the hearts and souls of some they are what was needed to free them.

    The other day at my buddies coffee shop, I told a girl she was pretty and we always enjoyed seeing her because she brought so much sunshine with her.

    We were all surprised that she broke down crying at hearing that little statement.

    People are not told things that are simple Truths; the things that bring freedom to their souls.

    I appreciate the simple Truths at your blog.

    You have set many souls free.

    Maybe you could post something on 'Hearts'.

    God be with you.



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