Monday, September 06, 2010

Larry's Family Vacation

Larry and the family at their cabin in the backyard.
Labor Day marks the end of summer fun.


  1. When I lived in my previous residence in downtown Ogden, my neighbor lady had a way-cool bomb shelter next to her garage that her husband had house had a partial completed bomb shelter. Apparently it was quite the rage back in the 50's...

    She kept all her food storage in it..Good Mormons do that kind of thing..and she was such a sweetie..she was firmly convinced that the world was coming to an end for Y2K and invited me to take refuge in her bomb shelter. She even rehearsed once a month, so that she'd know what pictures, etc to take...


  2. That's a cool story - aren't there missile bases somewhere out there?

  3. Terry, Terry, Terry - given that I have two sons, and no daughters, I fail to see how you could think that that is a picture of my family.

    It's actually me and Mrs LarryD with our niece while the boys are outside collecting firewood and digging up roots for our dinner.

  4. This reminds me of my Grandma's tornado shelter (in northern Ill)...
    I don't know how well-stocked her "bunker" was, I just know it scared me to death, just lookin' at it, as a small child; are really somethin':<)!

  5. Mr.D, I hope you paid attention and picked up some sweet skills when all of those "little house on the prairie" episodes aired.

  6. belinda - I'm pretty good at setting traps for rabbit, but I really struggle when it comes to yoking up the oxen.

  7. Can you cry and twitch your eyebrow (yeah, nearly one)on cue for dramatic effect while curling your lip ?!

    I actually live on the prairie Mister and it ain't no picnic. ;)


    BTW, I had a friend who would pet her bunnies and love 'em up before she would whack 'em and put them in her fridge for dinner. I thought geese - I'm dying first if this armegeddon (sp)thing pans out.
    My word verification word is gutsc

    Yeah, I'm not gutsy at all but more of a big baby.

  8. Can you cry and twitch your eyebrow (yeah, nearly one)on cue for dramatic effect while curling your lip ?!

    No, but I look good in suspenders.


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