Saturday, September 25, 2010

Archbishop Nienstedt on Gay Marriage: Nein!

I never got my DVD in the mail yet.


  1. Let me just say this, God forgive me:
    All those who want to "marry" someone of the same-sex: believe me, you DO NOT WANT's absolutely hell on earth for "heteros"...what would you want to even take this upon yourselves? without the graces of the Sacrament of Marriage (according to Catholic teaching??)...just have sex, be "happy", do what you will...and God have mercy upon you.
    The heteros have enough problems (due to the effects of original sin) and all the other problems endemic in an amoral and absolutely immoral society...yeah, divorce, adultery, infidelity, sex with men/women within marriage will happen.
    But for God's sake, let the children alone; they deserve a Mum and a Dad (even if they're alcoholic, abusive, whatever situations)...a Mum and a Dad DOES make a difference. Whether you like or not.
    The Archbishop says it're not being discriminated against; it's a part of the social teaching of the Church. Anything else is something much, much different.
    I, myself, would have rather lived within an alcoholic, dysfunctional family, intact with mother and father, rather than the crazy/insane situation I see my niece in with divorced parents.

  2. Father - LOL! So true! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for posting this.... on my way to post it!

    Bishop Nienstedt is a Detroit guy!


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