Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This surprised me...

Fr. Z is a huge fan of curling...
Who knew?
Richtsteig - get the gun.


  1. Who da thunk it???:<)!

  2. I think he's just jealous of the Norwegian curling pants.


  3. LOL - thanks for the laugh Terry.

  4. I watched some curling recently. Well, I watched the Simpsons episode where Marge and Homer became Olympic curlers.

  5. Terry, are you sure you don't want to get married?

  6. Kat: Ter just left town.

  7. Eureka! That's it!

    I watched this game during lunch today and I couldn't figure out what it was called.

    What's up with the men who brush the ice ahead of the sliding thing?

  8. belinda: It's a northern Wisconsin/Minnesota/whoever kinda thing...they probably can't figure it out, either.
    They're men, ya know:<)!

  9. Father to be fair to men, I can't figure myself out either.

    I used the ladies room at Walmart yesterday and a man walked in as I was washing my hands in an OCD fashion and I said to him with my hands up in the air in a "doh" kinda way... Um, um, uh, whatcha doing? He apologized profusly as I laughed at him (with gusto) but when I walked out he held his head down - like a gentleman and pointed to the sign.. Aparently I went into the mens room , but to be fair it looked just like the womans.

    I shop at two Walmarts and the bathrooms are in opposite order. I always pull to the right.
    I didn't even say I was sorry- I was too mortified.

    Women always blame men or at least I blamed my blog administrator for everything unpleasant that happens to me. It really was his fault. hahahahaha

  10. belinda: LOL!
    I check twice before I go into a restroom...and when I'm in my habit I get second looks from the men in the men's room:<)!
    Isn't life, just, well, interesting (as me Mum says!)...?


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