Thursday, November 05, 2009


Triptych of the Epiphany - Hieronymus Bosch
Some art historians have speculated the half-naked, effeminate figure sporting a crown resembling thorns, stealthily emerging from the stable, represents the Antichrist.  I think so too.
Reading some of the hate-filled, anti-Catholic rhetoric militant homosexualists are spewing in the wake of the Maine referendum defeating SS marriage,  a gay Antichrist does not seem too far fetched.  (Maine became the 31st state to vote down gay marriage.)


  1. LeoRufus2:47 PM

    and just WHAT is in that handbag the seminude crowned figure in large orange bedsheet is hanging over the railing? Is he/she/it planning to smack the magi over the head with it?

    Hieron. Bosch is just so weird.

    But you will probably receive more hate e-mail from the "usual suspects" for this post. You are in my prayers.

  2. Thanks Leo - I'm off their radar now so I can post with impunity. Most of them are far too busy pointing out how unjust the Catholic Church is. I expect they will now be too absorbed lobbying to remove tax exempt status for the Church since they consider promoting pro-life issues to be political activity. Others are occupied with outing, shaming and defaming supporters of the anti-gay marriage victory in Maine - just like they did in California after Prop 8.

    It is too be expected.


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