Saturday, October 03, 2009

People do not want me to talk...

I just got this email:
I read your latest piece.

RE: scandal- is it not scandalous to live with another man and yet rail endlessly about the gay agenda and the lavender mafia?

You said you don't take scandal lightly- can you see the scandal you could potentially cause your gay brothers and sisters who strive for theosis (and who don't, by the way, at least in my case, live with a man)?

I think the best thing Fr. Z ever put on his blog was a comment verifier- "Think before you post."

(I say this all in love, even though my hands are shaking.)

Peace, and Happy Feast of St. Francis,

Blogger X
My response:
Tell me what is wrong with sharing a house with a friend who happens to be a man? Don't sink too low (name withheld) - other people have tried to threaten me with this as well.
UPDATE: Thanks to all who commented on this post, I very much appreciate what you have had to say. Nevertheless, I decided not to publish comments so as not to make this into a big deal or cause any more offense to anyone. God bless each of you. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    This is probably presumptuous, but perhaps not: is there something phony about the "Peace" salutation often when it is used (especially on the Internet)? It always seems like a cover-up to me. I see it on the "America" blog alot. Fr. Martin likes to use it.

    It always seems so vaccuous and empty to me, leaving a "your truth, my truth" flavor in the mouth.

    I'm all for peace, but not "peace, peace when there is no peace" peace.

  2. It's like when people say "but..."

    They agree but then they push their own agenda.

    I always want to say "say what you mean and mean what you say."

  3. Uhm, there a bit of "rash judgment" here? Or even envy? That friends could share a home without being "lovers"?
    Give me a have lived with other men (like in community) for how many centuries?
    This is just malarkey. I hope I spelled it correctly!

  4. Scandal vs. potential scandal, hmmm. You're doing good work if you're pissing people off by sharing the public scandals that are out there. I hadn't been aware of the Canadian Bishop until reading it here.

    I don't think the problem is scandal or potential scandal so much as not wanting to be reminded about sins that cry to heaven.

  5. I agree with Patrick. "Peace" usually means that the person writing is experiencing ANYTHING but "Peace" and doesn't really wish it at all.

    Although to be fair I DO know some people who regularly sign emails this way, and use the email only for professional exchanges; ie my professors, a few other people here and there, etc. Their "Peace" is quite a bit more sincere for there is nothing but peace and charity in their communications.

    The blogging world...quite a different story.

    And, Terry, there's nothing scandalous about having a roommate. I have lived with a couple different women over the years, don't remember anyone ever being scandalized by the fact we shared an apartment, utility bills and sometimes, meals.


  6. The world, particularly the gay world, sees everything in terms of sex. They cannot fathom a person not having it, just as they cannot fathom a roommate being simply that. This accusation says much more about the accuser than it does about you.

  7. I don't get it so what?

    Honestly, I'll probably end up living with you come spring! Think of the scandal then, sweetie! :-)

    You were missed this evening. I hope you are ok.

  8. wonders "who" wrote this scathing missive to Terry, "Happy feast of St. Francis" indeed - this comes as no surprise, no surprise at all.

    It should be noted however that "being gay" is not ontologically an valid category of being. "Being gay" is based upon secondaries, affections and affectations and no matter how hard these infiltrators into the Catholic Church try to promote their agenda and demand acceptance for their condition, gayness is "conditional" it is not a state of being but one of doing, one of profession, belief and psychology. One is not ontologically defined by the actions one does with one's nether parts. St. Peter Damian pray for us.

  9. With the recession, a lot of people are sharing living quarters, because it's the only way they can make ends meet.

  10. Patrick - I've often thought the same thing - I posted about that as well. However, I think this author's intentions were good.

  11. Thank you to all who have commented on this post - you are all so good. The author is a good man too.

    I've decided not to publish your comments so as not to make this into a bigger deal than it is - but again - thank you all. I've decided to close comments on this particular post at this time.


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