Monday, September 28, 2009

What writing does for me.

"Me too!" - said the Pope.
In an interview with John Allen (NCR), the Holy Father replied to a question concerning the healing of his wrist, saying he was pleased to be able to write again, explaining: "My thinking develops above all through writing."
That is exactly the same for me, it is the reason I write - and paint. My thinking develops above all through writing and painting - if not one, the other.

The Holy Father is so humble.


  1. If I couldn't write I'd be wearing a bright white jacket with reeeeally long sleeves.

  2. Writing helps me but only wearing a bright white jacket with reeeeeally long sleeves. rotflol

  3. I too learned this about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately at other peoples expense.... Sorry Mr.Terry.

    Angela , Once my frugal Internet provider (my husband) brought one of those straight jackets home. Why , you may be saying to yourself? Well he hated to see them go to the trash because there must have been some good use for them....
    Hum... I couldn't think of one good use. Besides I could only think about the poor soul who must have had to wear it. It went into the trash even though there was a lot of good leather on it.

    Frugality over-kill.


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