Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just a couple things...
Lately I have been getting stuck on a couple of blogs and cannot exit them - so I do not visit as often.
On some blogs with heavy advertising or large photo files it takes forever for your pages to download - so I do not visit often.
On other blogs I have to jump through too many hoops to place a comment - so I don't.
Sometimes I just get bored with you - so I don't comment, visit, or link to you.


  1. Gosh - I hope not my unworthy contribution to the blogosphere.

    But I know what you mean. I have some blogs that are just torture to visit that's why 99% of the time I just read in Google reader and only log on to post a comment...

    The worse though, is music which starts unexpectedly and scares you half to death.

  2. Dear Mr. Terry, I can fully appreciate your feelings about becoming bored with blogs. I can appreciate your feelings of apathy towards blogging /bloggers/ bloggers posts ,but consider for a moment that if blogs are an off shoot of a persons deepest feelings and thoughts then perhaps it would be better if you didn't tell YOUR FRIENDS that your bored to tears by them. Aye???

    And besides your lucky that they let YOU visit them. They are my blogger friends to ya know.
    You always shoot yourself in the foot and it's painful(and kinda funny) to watch.

    Let us know when your feeling warm and fuzzy again so we can blog with you and take some Excedrin.

  3. Well, I get 2 out of 3 LOL!

  4. That last comment of mine was just to see who would react - you guys know me by now I hope! LOL!

  5. I'm with Adrienne--musical webpages make me want to die. Usually I'm listening to my own music that I don't want interrupted...and if I'm not then it's a time I need to be quiet at work. And most blog music really really sucks :-P

  6. Terry - I know how you feel. That's why I sometimes don't even bother going to my own blog!

  7. I was speaking to someone I forget who and we were laughing about one of Mr.Terry's funny posts, but in a NICE way and I suggested that maybe it would be fun if Terry had church bells ring as you read his blog. You know like the ones that he doesn't want to forget. I looked into this for my own blog but the only bell song that I could find was this one.

    Terry, I changed my mind about the bell song but you can still use it for your blog ;)

  8. +JMJ+

    Ah, another one of Terry's friendly posts! ;)

    (Now I remember why I come here.)

  9. Enbrethiliel !
    Terry's blog is like watching a NASCAR race. People go round and round and we spectators keep hoping for an exciting crash of some sort. Maybe a fender bender.... something ????

    Of course we don't want to see any blood just excitement.

    Oh, I do get bored easily. ;)

  10. This is about me! Belinda: I need to convert you to NASCAR.

  11. Terry--you are such a rebel!

    But I do agree with all of your reasons not to visit blogs--and like Adrienne says--the music--Oy!

    Sometimes, though the reason not to visit blogs is because it's Summer--there are so many things to do before the snow falls, that it's hard to make time--especially when there are so many blogs.

    But of course there are some very good blogs--like yours--that I have to visit at least once or twice a week. In the Winter months--I like to visit daily.

    Some blogs, provide so much information--it's hard to keep up with all the ideas--where do they get all the time to post so much, so often?

    And sometimes blogs are boring--is there anyone who doesn't find blogs boring once in a while? Sheesh.

  12. Dear Miss Cathy, I love NASCAR and I was writing directly to you in a covert kind of manner.
    Wow ,you figured it out too!! ;)

    When those NASCAR people come to Kansas City the rest of the city goes dead. You can go anywhere that you want to and there are no crowds. There are no people to call or visit - everyone's gone.

    But if your driving around make sure that your not behind the cars exiting the speed way with a couple of kids that need to go to the bathroom while your parked on the interstate waiting on traffic and begging God to help you child to hold it.

    Yeah, we did that. People leave the park in a big wave around 5:00 and my driving instructor thought that would be the quickest route home around the city. hahahaha The NASCAR exit! hahahaha


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