Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing to blog about.

Sunny days are distracting.
I surfed the net after Mass this morning, I found nothing interesting enough to post about. I ended my search by saying, "Why bother?" And, "Who cares?" Is that apathy or just blogger burn out? Perhaps it is sloth? Or maybe it is rancor? It feels like rancor. I feel rancorous at some of the news stories I read, and some of the blog posts I skim through. Rancor stems from envy. Am I envious? Envy often shares her disposition with anger, and both are rooted in pride. These are sins you know.


But wait a minute, wait a minute! Snap out of it! No one said I have to write or comment about anything. So I don't feel like blogging and the Internet bores me today, yesterday - and maybe tomorrow. That is okay.


Although I want to say something about the sins I just mentioned. Feelings are not sins - if I feel those things; rancor, anger, envy, etc., it is not a sin. If I do not consent, if I do not harbor such thoughts, and especially if I do not act upon these temptations - it is not a sin. One does penance and practices mortification by the self-denial it requires in not acting upon these dispositions and bad humors. And that is misery's silver lining.


Which means I will not say anything about the load of crap I just read on that last blog post! ;)


  1. You are just missing Jackie that's all!

    I'd like a touch of rancor or do we brits say rancour?

    Anyway sounds kinda exotic to me!

    Perhaps I need that retreat?

  2. You are such a dedicated blogger that of course, you are obligated to blog about nothing. Because you can. Because we'll read anything you write, and love it. Keep on bloggin'... and hope to see you out and about.


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