Monday, July 20, 2009

The garden

From last week - the hosta blooms are insane this week so I will begin removing them to restore order.
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  1. What you really need to do is divide those hosta. All the extras can be bagged up and sent to moi. In exchange I will send you some perfect creamy white daylilies that will look superb in your garden scheme.

    I have numerous folks in the Twin Cities who are enjoying the beautiful blooms of Gentle Shepherd (and isn't that name just perfect?) as we speak...

  2. Hosta's are some of my favorites. There is a spot at church, that is perfect for them--I was going to ask Father If I can plant them there.

    Your yard is lovely!

  3. Adrienne: I got hosta if you want some!

    If I blow up this photo, I can just see Mrs. Rabitowitz eating the foliage in the back.

  4. You are quite a gardener, Terry! It looks so lovely.

    Compare your place with the brown rocky land of Texas and 100+ degree weather for the past month, and I believe your place is paradise. Do you meet angels there?

  5. I'm very impressed. Nicely done! So peaceful.

  6. Gorgeous, Ter. I really like that topiary -- did you make it yourself?

    oh and my deepest heart-felt condolences on Mrs Rabitowitz :'{

  7. I hope you truly enjoy this garden, Terry. :-)


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