Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Michelle no belle in Britain.

The worst dressed First Lady in United States history.
She went to Westminster dressed like this... and the Brits refer to her as the First Lady of Fashion. (I expect they are just being polite.) - Source
Obviously fashion is dead or this woman needs a stylist real bad... An' donch 'u be shoppin' by yurself girl!


  1. The look on the face of the man in the red tie says it all!

    My other thought - WTF?!

    I have other comments but they are unprintable. This blog is controversial enough LOL!

  2. Ok - I've refrained from saying anything about this monstrosity.

    The thing that gets me is the msm kept trying to say positive things like,
    "it shows her spirit",

    and "well, the colors are just right now and up-to-date",

    or "the extra belt is not my favorite buuuuut, once again it shows how she's willing to step out on her own,

    and my favorite, "well, it wouldn't be my first choice for someone with larger hips, buuuuuuuuuuut, she proves that you don't have to concerned about stuff like that."

    Be concerned, Michelle - be very, very concerned.

    And at the same time that bozo pervert Letterman is calling Sarah Palins look "slutty flight attendant"

  3. Blessed Anna Maria Taigi not looking so bad now, is she?

  4. Adrienne - my best friend for life from St. Paul - Letterman's comment was ROFLMAO funny. Sarah had to laugh at that one - she is a sexy lady.

  5. I think "naughty stewardess" would be more appropriate than using the word "slutty."

  6. Alice1:33 PM

    I also heard "it was something her children made for her"

  7. It looks like an apron a clown would wear. Oh wait! - maybe it belongs to her husband...

  8. Carol1:47 AM

    The black slacks and flats are a cop-out-- she should've gone with yellow leggings, orange sandals, and big hoop earrings..

    Hmm.. wonder what Letterman said of this.

  9. +JMJ+

    I am reeling. I asked my fashionista mother to deconstruct that outfit for me, and she said that she liked it!!! =O

    I don't know if she's inclined to be generous because she likes the Obamas, or whether I am inclined to be more critical because I don't like them at all . . . but I really do think that the Empress is wearing bad clothes. =S

  10. "Mmmmmhelloooo?!?!"

  11. Jer-bear! I missed you. Anyway - this top was made out of candy wrappers that Chellie's daughters picked out for her at a recyling store. Yeah - isn't it cute?


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