Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Isolated case...

Gay adoption.
One of my friends emailed me a news item a week or so ago concerning a gay couple in the UK who sexually abused one or more of their adopted kids. Such isolated cases have popped up in the news over the past couple of years, but they tend to be pretty much ignored - unless it involves a priest or religious of course.
Sadly another case has emerged: "Sitting in a Durham County jail cell, Frank M. Lombard, the Duke University researcher accused of offering his adopted 5-year-old son for sex, awaits a trip to Washington, D.C., this week to face federal criminal charges. Federal authorities say Lombard, 42, of 24 Indigo Creek Trail, performed sexual acts on his son and invited an undercover investigator online to fly to North Carolina and do the same." - Story
A 5 year old.


  1. Isolated case???

    It's so horrible, I wish it never happened before and it will never happen again.

  2. Carol8:42 PM

    Sounds like my little Joseph who had stopped coming to Sunday morn religious ed even tho' he loved it; the one who sat at the borrowed desk whereon a certain word was carved. I covered for him (it couldn't have been him!) when the RE director asked me who had sat there. Later, and I wish I'd been 98 when I found out, I found out that when Dad finally left alone Joseph's sister who was slow and had had open heart surgery (left her alone because her bruises started showing up in gym class..), he apparently started tappin' his little boys.. and lending them to his brother. And Mom allegedly didn't know. And here was our little Joseph, preparing for his Sacrament of Reconciliation..


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