Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blame whitey.


I just read that Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is blaming white people with blue eyes for the recession we are in. President Lula can blame whomever he wishes, but I have to ask, is he saying Portuguese people are not white? I always considered them to be white Europeans - I believe indigenous people and African slaves considered them as such when the Portugese once prospered from the slave trade, and exploited both the native people of the New World, as well as the African slaves.
President Silva obviously believes his and other Hispanic governments would do a better job handling the world economy. Such vanity. The man ought to take a closer look at Brazil and the other countries in South America, where only the privileged few have the wealth, while their peasants live in squalor. South American society has changed little since the conquest - except now the politicos blame the Church, as they tend toward atheistic socialism, or profit from drug trafficking.


  1. Of course Portuguese are Caucasian! I have a lot of friends from the Azores and some have blonder hair and bluer eyes than my Dutch relatives.

  2. I knew that - I'm just still mad at that artist. LOL!

  3. Angela - I accidently deleted your correction, but I think everyone knows you meant blog and not blod. You are so cute.

  4. LOL! Thanks! Wait till you hear me singing the Chaplet on youtube....

  5. I have brown eyes. I'm safe.


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