Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ripped jeans and Fr. Corapi.

This really isn't Corapi - but it sort of looks like him - what he'd look like if he remained in Hollywood maybe...
Image from the Sartorialist - who got it out of GQ. The Sartorialist has a great new format - much larger photos.


  1. michael12:16 PM

    It does look like him. Scary.

  2. It does. Father is a very handsome man. He always looks well kept so I have trouble, in reality, seeing him in these trashy jeans!

  3. michael2:20 PM

    Very trashy indeed. When I went to the blog that this photo came from, the person claims that this is a good example of the rip and tear style. Hmmm. I must be gettin old. It just looks trashy to me.

  4. Michael - I went through a period of ripped jeans. Still doing penance for that.

  5. David9:49 AM

    HA! I thought it was Corapi but the digs made me think that he had switched Orders and became a Jesuit! HAHAHAHA (Jesuit educated so I can be forgiven).


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