Thursday, December 11, 2008


Local people in Minnesota and environs: Boycott Herberger's! (I am just kidding!)
I am really kidding, but what would compel me to even say such a thing? Why? What is so bad about Herberger's? To be honest, I really don't know what the store is like - never shopped there. My complaint - which I have communicated to them, has to do with the fact that they have absolutely the worst and most annoying Christmas television ads - ever. The campaign is so hokum, it defies description. The company's jingle is: "Give more, give joy!" Over and over and over, the extremely irritatingly bad lyrics are repeated, as are the ads - they air every 10 minutes at news time - it represents the lowest form of in your face consumerism and materialism, not to mention unabashed corporate greed.
The runner up for worst television Christmas ad is Old Navy's "I want candy" - Why? Because once again corporate greed exploits a certain demographic of American youth who suffer from an ailment known as "gimme syndrome" - which if not for the recession, threatens to reach epidemic proportions. The ad sucks big time. These companies give commercial Christmas a bad name.
It's a depression alright.

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  1. I think you should do a post about GOOD Christmas commercials. I know that many of these ads circulating through both television and print media are not just annoying, but in some cases, inappropriate. Take the following example: although this did not air during Christmas, it was nonetheless improper. It was a towel ad - I believe from Sears or Old Navy or a store comparable to these - using the “Dies Irae” from Mozart’s Requiem Mass. Can you believe it? A mass for the dead in a towel commercial.

    Good Christmas commercials. That's you next post:0)


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