Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prada falls...

Institutional Misogyny.
The above photo from The Sartorialist is of a model who fell on the runway in Milan. Look at her arms - how skinny they are. Look at the heels she is expected to horse-step up and down the runway in. The woman is dying. The fashion industry hates women. (The Sartorialist says the model fell because of little cotton socks in the shoes. That's attractive.)


  1. I'm amazed by how many men find these desiccated nineteen year-olds "sexy." I’m bothered not just by that perverse mentality, but by the pressures and expectations that perpetuate this imagery.

  2. Can't say much for the arms but the shoes are cute.

  3. Adrienne - can you walk in shoes like that?

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  5. Oooops - sorry for the delay. Yep - I can walk quite well in shoes like that. When I taught ballroom dancing I danced in 3" heels for all but a few dances. On the others I wore 2" heels.


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