Monday, November 17, 2008

The collection is finished.

"Compartments" A collection of paintings by Terrance Nelson


I think the exhibit is finished - I may do 2 more paintings - otherwise, the collection is done. However, the work needs to cure before I can scan the pieces - I'm not sure if I'll include drawings - I'd have to have them scanned off-site due to their size. If time allows...


I also need to pick out the wines and champagne for the opening, as well as plan the menu. Select the music, and so on. I'll just be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and jacket - but the actual opening is black tie optional. I can't wait. The show will have its preview and press opening November 26, at 6 PM, and will be open to the public Thanksgiving Day.
Art: Detail, "Compartments: Cells" - Crayon on paper, 2008. (Not included in the show.) Image removed.


  1. Terry,

    How can we obtain a copy of the catalog for your show? Your work is superb!

  2. Your life is so much more fun than mine. This sounds like a blast.

    Avoid the "little smokies" cocktail weiners , they are totally disgusting. My kids love 'em.

  3. Could I wear my Santa Claus tie?

  4. Yes - Wear the Santa tie.

    Belinda - the blog is proof my life is so not fun.

    Digi - I guess the post - err - online show will double as a catalog. BTW - Thanks for the compliment - two close friends told me today they like my old work better.

  5. Okay Terry food is my thang, and I would recomend hum... mini crab cakes, with a nice crab sauce drizzled over the tops sitting on sliced
    (1/2")itallian bread (not French loaves they are too dry -they lack oil for moisture.) bake the round slices at 325' until warm, or if you rather make them crispy. If you want them crispy then slice them thinner.
    I would brush them with seasoned oil.
    A veggie platter,with ,an optional dip would be nice. (careful -cootie warning here ) Everybody likes a fruit tray. You could trim the tops of the pineapples just so , much like the hedges that you enjoy.

    Cheese cake bites are done to death out here.
    Cupcake tiers are very "in" right now. Especially on the east coast. No frilly pink roses though, more of a "manly chocolate, or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, or better yet red velvet cupcakes are the rage.And yes real men eat sprinkles on top.
    Gosh this is quite the list . You better get started. I hope that the day turns out wonderful for you.

    You know retro food would be a lot of fun like cassaroles that mom's made back in the 1950's.
    Served in 1950's containers. I have seen some of this crap at Target. I hate pretentiousness though. I guess you have to decide if it's about fun, or if you are about portraying a certain image.

    I am suprised that you really are an artist. I thought that you were just a gifted person that enjoyed that kind of stuff on the side, but I have only been reading(annoying) since June.

  6. Well ,now your wrong about your life not being fun....
    Your up and walking around ,and no one has to wipe your butt for you yet. I would say that life is damn good! And you can't forget about your cats that love you.

    Yes this would be a blast.

    *kate told me to quit saying bad words because they don't make me sound very smart.

  7. "Okay Terry food is my thang, and I would recomend hum... mini crab cakes, with a nice crab sauce drizzled over the tops sitting on sliced
    (1/2")itallian bread"

    I want that.

  8. Vincenzo cracks me up !He's always thinking about his stomach. OH WAIT , that's me!

  9. Vincenzo - I want that too. The only thing real about the gallery show will be the art - I wish there was food and drinks.


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