Sunday, October 26, 2008

You deserve what you get.

I cannot believe it. I never got to see this film in theaters - just watched it on TV. C'mon! This is the worst excuse for a film I have ever seen! The absolute worst. People hail it as a pro-chastity film. Get out! You people will suck anything put in front of your mouth, won't you! Sheesh!


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  2. We were going to rent it. But since I don't like giving up 2 hours of my life to see something really stupid, maybe I'll re-think that. But how about a little more detail; what were your reasons for disliking it?

  3. The premise was stupid - then it dragged on throughout the entire film - I know - that is what the film was about. The acting was sit-com-ish.

    It could be I'm getting sick of The Office so anything Steve Carell is in is boring to me now.

  4. "Kelly Clarkson!" LOL!


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