Thursday, October 23, 2008

An old painting of mine...

In the style of Botero.
I painted this image of a nun about 10 years ago. It was my homage to Botero and I named it for a wonderful sister I knew. She was a beautiful nun who gained some weight as she got older, and her hair turned completely grey. She was an exuberant personality, and full of fun, and most importantly, genuine charity. Some people felt I was insulting her with this "portrait" - but I was really just having fun. Sister acted as if she was flattered I had attempted to paint her, and more importantly, she laughed very hard at the caricature - as well as the indignation other people expressed because of it. (Their indignation revealed a great deal about their true feelings.) The painting is framed much like a Dutch master's - big, heavy, and dark; it is in a private collection.
I finished a piece today - it is too large to scan - it is called: "The Apotheosis of Fr. X" It is very fun. (What comes after X? Y do you ask? LOL!)

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