Monday, September 01, 2008

I finally figured it out...

Why I blog...
To push buttons. Yeah, pretty much.


  1. And you sure know how to push them, don't you? :0)

    Say, you really should re-post those comments you took down a few weeks ago. I don't know the name of the post, but if you recall, I strongly encouraged you to leave them up. They were fantastic.

  2. One of the reasons why I was so frightened to blog with you (oh the anxiety!!) was because you are so quiet,and way smarter than I am.
    I was expecting some sort of reply after each time that I wrote something. When I got "silence" I though "yikes" I must of said something stupid , maybe I should just disappear.

    Now I get it , you bait us ,we scramble , you laugh. Just like the perfect pets, and you don't even have to feed us ,and the folks that are a pain in the ass you simply "DELETE" .

    I know people really do love their pets though. I know you do too Mr.Terry . Anyone who is willing to make sacrafices, and to do penance for other people really does love people, that is the real reason why you blog.

    Besides it is very hard to find companionship .Our idea of Catholicisim sets the bar rather high ,and most Catholics don't want to participate in the on going struggle of real Catholic life ,because the hard path sucks.

  3. Tom - I can't remember which post either - it must have been uncharitable, because I really didd delete it. I can't remember from day to day what I post anyway.

  4. Terry-

    See the comments I left you in the August 11th post "Regina Celi." The post I'm talking about was maybe from the day before.

  5. I thought I did repost it? I'll look Tom.

  6. I always thought it was because you're a bit of a loon.

  7. Georgette9:00 AM

    Yours is one of the few voices of reason in blogdom! Do not ever stop!

  8. I know, honey, I know!

  9. "Yours is one of the few voices of reason in blogdom!"
    Be scared. Be very scared.


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