Monday, September 01, 2008

Erin Brockovich - Sarah Palin

I think what scared me most about Sarah Palin is that she comes off so normal - and normal always scares me. But I think she really may be like Erin Brokovich - as others have already noted - and maybe she is not so normal after all.

So then I took another look at the Obama's and realized they are extremely "Stepford Wives" types - and they scare me more. Although Cindy McCain comes off pretty Stepford as well.

I don't know - American politics get's creepier every election cycle.


  1. Mr. Terry , I don't know how your end of blogging works, (mine end either,Ha,Ha ) but there is a nice man named Frank over there that has picked a fight with a girl, me. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I am saying the right things, or if I am doing more harm to the poor man than good. Are you still in control over there,and do you know what is going on? I would like some sort of parental supervision. You being 59 and all ,and me into my late thirties what do I know?? I haven't spoken to a gay person since 1980 I am a cloistered homemaker. Oh I did speak to our visiting Priest over the weekend , does he count??

  2. Here's what I am gonna do with my hands, Mr.Terry, 'cause all I really wanna do is "BITCH SLAP" Mr.Frank ,clear to purgatory .

  3. Dear Mr.Terry, There has been some sort of managerial error at Church, and I am signed up to work for the icecream social. This is so funny ,because I could eat my weight in icecream ,and nobody would ever know.

    This would be like asking Cathy_of_Alex to tend bar for the Church dance ,or it would be like me asking you - Terry to stop casing the slums of Minnesota in your "Pinto" searching for the perfect pitiful location to do your penance for the poor. I know that you would try to scout out the worst possible spot under a street lamp, hopefully during a hail or lightening storm . And if you are lucky Mr.Terry you might happen to catch some sort of drug raid going down in which you can further lend your prayerful assistance, are you in good enough shape to run Mr.Terry ?

    It's also like asking Leo to stop praying for those hurricanes down south ,just because he and the Mrs. enjoy a little bar-b-que.

    Leo should the entire southern region of the U.S. have to suffer just because you ,and your wife enjoy a little pork ribs now ,and then?

    God bless you all. Belinda

  4. Georgette8:57 AM

    LOL @ Belinda!! :-D Thanks for the giggles, Belinda!


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