Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've been asked to leave better places than this!

Cathy being escorted from the Blogger's get together last Saturday evening. (Ray is the man in the suit.)


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Terry, but I don't believe I have that much hair any more. I close my eyes when I shave in the morning, so I can't be really sure.

    But I was really happy to see that Cathy wore her babuschka for the big event the other night. It brought tears of joy to my eyes, further impairing my eyesight.

  2. I tells ya, you just can't take Cathy anywhere. Gets into fights (always wins), gets thrown out by the owners, then doesn't have to pay. Hmm...makes we wonder

  3. You guys! I'm so touched by the outpouring of love that I think I'll go roast a chicken!

    Elvis has left the building!

  4. Thank you for cutting me out of the picture...


  5. georgette4:45 PM



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