Sunday, August 03, 2008

Blogger's night out.

Some local bloggers at a restaurant called The Little Red Wagon.
They were having dinner last night with the Drysdales. (Milburn and Mrs. Drysdale are not pictured - they refused to be photographed with the group. Ms. Hathaway couldn't make it.)


  1. LeoRufus1:48 PM

    Terry, your new picture on this blog seems so...formal. I never thought you to be one to embrace the Flag as a point of identity, but we all must stand for something.

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  3. Belinda: We ate that at the last blog gathering that Ter hosted so you are not telling him anything he doesn't already know. I shot the opossum in his yard and Ter cooked it over an open pit. Good times, good times...

    For the uninitiated, I'm the bloodhound in that photo. I get to looking like that after a few shots of tequila. What can I say? Pathetic I know.

    Ter: I don't like your new hair color. It's too dark. Did you have the lasik? I noticed you are not wearing specs in your new profile photo.

  4. Um, for the record, I SHOT THE 'POSSUM...but I did not shoot the recipe!

    Cathy, remember you missed, you were out of practice.

    Sheesh! I can't even get credit where credit is due!


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