Friday, April 25, 2008

Poor Amy Winehouse

Arrested for assault. The whole story here.
I'm not passing any judgement, nor casting any slurs... You know 'there for but the grace of God'... That said...
In the old days, people like Amy would have been called "public sinners" and roundly condemned. Today they are celebrities and fodder for the paparazzi, and people just love to watch a train wreck. I think the fascination is due in part is to the base human desire to watch and see how far melt-down can go before implosion. I also think God permits it to show how miserable human nature truly is - how decadent we can become - and exactly how illusory and fleeting fame is...
She's a person and I happen to like her - and I pray for her. (I'm fairly certain she continues to believe everything is still just a joke. And I'm afraid she may kill herself laughing.)


  1. Everytime I read about (or see her picture) Amy or any of these young "super stars" who are crashing & burning, I see our world culture be rightfully accused of crimes against the little ones ...

  2. Formerly, it was male rock stars who had a monopoly on "ugly."

    It can be now said that women have truly achieved equality when men no longer have that monopoly.

    How might society be improved if popular music and video games (there's a new one out today people are fighting for) were eliminated?

    Back when music was really "popular", everybody sang it. Now people pay $150 for the cheap seats to hear someone else sign it.

    The IWW's "Little Red Song Book" contained the words to hundreds of songs. They didn't need to print the music because everybody knew that already.

    Of course, today, the LRSB would have to be printed in a half dozen languages because teaching English is elitist.


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