Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cathy is so excited that the Pope will be here today!


  1. i think the pope is excited that cathy is excited.

    last dance post you put up of 'her' had me thinking she was a little disturbed

    not i'm disturbed

    she actually reminds me of someone i know in real life

    i think i'll send her this

  2. You know it is really not her, don't you? I thought so! LOL!

    But she is going to the gym now.

  3. I'm excited, too!

    Say, I heard rumors that Cathy was once a Solid Gold dancer. If these rumors are true, then I understand the video. LOL!

  4. I have to say that's not my best work. I think "Dance, Dance, Dance" was far better.

    Oh, Ray, I still blame you for giving these videos to Terry! *sound of knuckles cracking*

  5. Wow Cathy, you are really excited! LOL!

  6. Georgette3:02 AM

    That Cathy is pretty durn good! It's got me excited too! woohooo

  7. Terry,

    That is hidanglarious.


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