Monday, February 25, 2008

Question and answer.

My post-Oscar interview.

Question: Are you going to see the pope?

Answer: No

Q: Why not? You have plenty of free time, you could easily go.

A: Yeah. No. I'm not going.

Q: Why?

A: I can see him on television and read what he has to say online. I don't like big Masses anyway.

Q: So, what do you think about the pope coming to visit?

A: I'm very happy about it. I like this pope very much.

Q: More than John Paul II?

A: Yes, much more.

Q: Why?

A: Because he is more Catholic than the pope. (Laughs out loud.)

Q: What exactly do you mean by that?

A: Nothing... nothing, really.

Q: Are you happy with the Oscar winners?

A: Yes, very.

Q: Who is your favorite?

A: Favorite what?

Q: Actor, movie, director, you know, who is your favorite?

A: Can't say really... Daniel Day-Lewis is very good, he is talented and doesn't seem to be caught up in all the publicity and glamor. The British actors seem more grounded and much more talented.

Q: Yes, but many of them lead rather amoral lives. For instance, Tilda Swinton lives with her lover and her husband, and of course many Hollywood people live in morally irregular situations as well.

A: So?

Q: Okay then. Now how is that memoir thing working out for you?

A: I'm not sure, it is getting bogged down at the moment, much too complicated and wordy.

Q: What will you do?

A: Stop writing for awhile, I suppose.

Q: How is Lent going for you then?

A: Not very well, and it seems as if it is half over now.

Q: Do you look forward to Easter then?

A: Not really.

Q: Why not?

A: It seems artificial. You know, all sad and weepy on Good Friday until suddenly on Easter Sunday everyone is supposed to be happy and celebrating. I have a really hard time making that transition.

Q: I'm surprised to hear you say that, what do you mean by that statement?

A: Nothing... nothing really...

The end of the interview.


  1. Terry-

    Did you give this interview on the red carpet? What were you wearing? Armani, Ralph Lauren, or Donna Karan? LOL!

    I don't think it was Joan Rivers conducting the interview. Her over used line "Can we talk" seems conspicuously absent from the Q and A session.

    Was it Mr. Blackwell? :0)

  2. Best interview of the evening.

  3. Thanks Ma.

    Tom - Jiminy Glick did the interview. I was wearing Dolce and Gabanna.

  4. Dolce & Gabanna? Ter, I thought you were a Badgley Mischka kind of guy.

  5. It almost seems like serendipity...have you considered having that Diablo lady who won for Juno write the screen play for your life story?


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