Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We now know who she was...

Although we don't know what she did...

German academics believe they have found definitive and authoritative documentation proving that the Mona Lisa is actually a portrait of Lisa del Giacondo. The story here.

Well, slap my butt and call me Gladys - I always thought it was Leo in drag - which BTW, was J. Edgar Hoover's excuse for wearing prom dresses at his special candle-light dinners - or so I was told.


  1. Ter: Admit it: the only reason for this post is to share with all of us your disturbing affection for butt slapping.

  2. Cath - you're one sharp tack there, aren't ya?

    Jackie i don't want you to get a bad impression of Americans.

  3. Wow! I always kind of thought she looked like Mr. Bean. Makes me appreciate the painting all the more.

  4. Annie Hall7:26 PM

    In other countries this piece is known as "La Gioconda". So, it must be true.

  5. OH MY! - La Gioconda is JEFFREY!

  6. Annie - I did know that - I forgot - thanks for the reminder. Michael Franks had a song with that in it - which is the only reason I knew it.

  7. Wow, Terry, I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff (the lap and the name Gladys). LOL!

    I think the final shoe hasn't dropped as to the real identity of the Mona Lisa.


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