Friday, January 11, 2008

Macy's Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Macy's fired 400 people today.

Originally the stores were called Dayton's, then Dayton-Hudson's, then Dayton-Hudson-Marhall Fields - and finally Marshall Fields, until Target Corporation sold the department stores to May company, which in turn was bought out by Federated Department Stores - which owns Macy's. Aside from losing a dedicated customer base - Federated is now cutting their loses and getting rid of long term, highly paid employees. (Federated now goes by the name, Macy's Inc.)

For months the company has been telling long term employees there will be no more wage increases, they took away commissions from sales people, and have been quietly laying off personnel here and there. Many people did see the handwriting on the wall, yet, as in the case of one friend, who received a glowing review just two days ago, today's termination came like a sucker punch.

So there you have it - Macy's is cleaning house and most operations are moving to NYC.

Macy's sucks.
Shop Nordstrom's instead.
And pray for the people who have lost their jobs.


  1. This is what was kinda expected. Rumor has it that Macy's south division based in Atlanta may also combine with Macy's Florida.

    Whenever they take over an territory of stores, Macy's says everything is the same but the name. Then slowly they change things bit by bit until the old stores are no longer recognizeable.

    We've been fighting to get back Marshall Field's here in Chicago and elswhere.

    Photos at our website

    This is just the way Macy's does things. This is how Macy's becomes ubiquitous and monotonous.

  2. Old man Dayton must be rolling in his grave. When I was a little girl the windows at Daytons in Mpls. had shades that were lowered on Sunday so you couldn't even window shop on the Lord's Day.

  3. How sad. But I'm following your lead and letting them go permanently.

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    That's tough for the workers..

  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Sad-this is why I buy local, flea markets, homemade by self employed artists (online, prices by artists)---as much as able.

  6. I must admit I was stunned by macy's - the world's most famous department store - what a dump !!!
    grotty wooden claustrophobic escalators, dirty, manky , dusty - more like a 1970's throwback than anything else....
    and no Kris Kringle either !!!


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