Monday, December 17, 2007


I get so darn excited!

Cathy tagged me for a meme - memes are for girls - but boys play too - just to keep the girls interested. So ANYWAY - this one is about posting my top 10 best posts. Gosh! Where the hell to begin? Here I go:
10) The post I did exposing all the **** priests in the **** who were stationed at a **** ***** parish in ** **** ...
9) The post I did exposing the priest who **** a child with a ***** ***** and still works in *** ******** ....
8) The post I did revealing that a rather well-known priest does not have a **** ***...
7) The post I did revealing the hot-bed of lesbian/wiccan **** at a certain local CINO academic institution.
6) The post I did revealing that the gay association known as ***** has only about 5 to 10 active members - many on the waiting lists of memory care homes.
5) The post I did exposing female ********* students as on the make for ******** and ******** men.
4) The pictorial post I did on naked swimming at a local ******* college pool.
3) The post I did on how liberal priests are begging for the TLM to be celebrated at their parishes, but trad priests are refusing to train them.
2) My expose detailing the mark-up on religious goods at local ******* stores. And how they are in ****** ****** *** **** *** with Communist China *** ****** **** unconcerned **** lead content in their ******** products. The following quote by the buyers said it all: "We grew up chewing lead paint off our window sills and it never harmed us!"
1) My #1 best post has to be the review I did of popular ***** blogs and the utter pretentiousness of ****** *** write them. People were aghast. I had to hasten with a corrective post wherein I assured my readers ** *** all a bunch of liars or phonies about something in our lives, so don't to be too judgemental.
I tag Johnny, Ginger, Helmut, Kirsten, Poodle, Puppy, and Jen.
[UPDATE: I needed to edit this entry because I realized some people would think it was about them when it was really about someone else - and in some cases - about no one at all.]


  1. #5 is about me isn't it? Except I'm not a DRE, so it can't be about me.

    Let me be clear...I LOVE priests. I do not "love" them. There IS a difference. A HUGE difference.

    Besides...I'm vowed to chastity, if informally. Just like you are. I'm wondering...

    Terry, I always thought you were such a GOOD I wonder about that. Are you really a good boy?

    Personally, I think you're the links, Terry. That way we'll know you're a good boy. Otherwise we'll see that you;re just full of ****.


  2. Nope - Adoro - not about you in the least. But LOL - I edited the DRE thing as you were posting your comment.

  3. Adoro6:01 PM

    LOL! :-P

  4. Gosh, is the war over?

    I bet you wish you had that armor now, doncha sweetie!

    I never saw the first version of this meme but if the words: smoking, hot, blog, babe were strung together at all that post was about me.

  5. The people you tagged reminded me of Romper Room...I see Johnny and Terry and Susie and...

    With exposés like this, it's a wonder you don't work for TMZ!


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