Monday, December 17, 2007

Rockin' around...

Rockin' around the Christmas tree!
I got my tree up - the outside of the house has been decorated. I got my cards done. All I have to do is clean and grocery shop, otherwise I'm done for Christmas. So now I can go to the company Christmas party tomorrow night. I have always loved those parties, but it was tough getting away to attend!

[Oh - I guess I have to mail the cards too - I think I can handle that. Although, maybe people could just pick their card up? Nah! Then they'll want to come in.]


  1. What company, pray tell, Terry?

  2. That would be an awesome way of delivering the Christmas cards, wouldn't it? Call everybody and have them pick up their Christmas cards because you’re not mailing them this year. And to make it even funnier, let then know they have to be picked up by the 24th at 3:00 p.m.... by appointment only. Than keep calling them everyday between now and then until they pick them up! LOL!

    You can put them inside a box and place the box just outside your door so the recipients can go through them and pick out what's theirs:0) Label the box generically: X-mas Cards.

    Catholic Charities is my favorite charity. I support them through direct payroll deductions which go straight to them.


  3. I was thinking: Union Gospel Mission.

    If you tell me I have to come by and pick up my card, oooohh!!!

  4. Hey, where's your Top 10 list?

  5. Cath - I took the top 10 list down because Adoro thought one of them was about her - which made me realize that others would think I was writing about them and it just seemed all too snarky and now I have to redo it when it was really only meant to be humorous in the first place.


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