Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Waking up to Cathy's Precious Moments Christmas...

Precious memories...

Few people realize what a huge fan of Precious Moments our blogger-buddy Cathy is. One year she even made a Christmas pilgrimage to the Precious Moments Chapel (pictured above) where she finally gave in and purchased her massive Precious Moments Nativity set, the central portion of it shown below. I ought to mention that it wasn't easy for her to give up her Hello Kitty Nativity - but that was the old Cath. (Knowing her love for the Precious Moments line of decorative figurines, we can now understand why Cath is always dressed in those billowing, chiffon, pastel-dresses at Mass.)

Wishing all of you a very happy Christmas day.


  1. Terry, my friend, Merry Christmas to you and a blessed New Year!!


  2. Merry Christmas, Ter:)

  3. Merry Christmas Terry!!!

  4. And a very Happy and Holy Christmas to you, Terry. Sorry I am so late, but there is still 11 more days of Christmas to celebrate and enjoy.

  5. I thought that top picture was some sort of joke until I clicked on the link.
    Oh, my fur and whiskers, I wish I hadn't clicked.

  6. Oh. my. Lawd.

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Terry, I could have gone my entire life without knowing that there was a "Precious Moments" chapel.

    Oh. Ow. It hurts.
    Make it stop.

  7. Ter: I can't believe you told everyone! Dang it. Now I'll never be able to replace the figurines my cats broke. They'll be a big run on PM Nativity's now.

    Really, everyone has the Fontanini sets. I wanted to be unique.

    Sing me a song, make it better.

  8. Cath - I was so worried you were offended because I revealed this. I thought you might post that picture of me praying before your Nativity set last Chistmas. i'm glad you are not upset!

  9. Oh, you mean the one of you in the Santa costume? Heh. That one's in my private collection.

  10. A much blessed Christmas to you,Terry! It ain't over till it's over!

    p.s i must say that the word verification is hilarious here today, it says I must type 'leogob' in the box before posting a comment...hahahahahaha!


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