Monday, December 24, 2007

The Cat Christmas Pageant...

The photo is of the kitty who played the baby Jesus in the Cat Christmas Pageant at the local shelter last night. (Which is why I didn't post on Cathy's blog BTW!)

A very handsome Jack Russell terrier played St. Joseph this year, while a lovely Siamese played Our Lady. The Pugs were so cute as angels! The Shepherds were real Border Collies and the sheep were all kittens except for a couple of rabbits.

(The three Pit Bulls who were scheduled to play the roles of the Kings had to be put down that day and couldn't be in the pageant. Sad.)

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  1. So, that was your, cat, Celine? When did she learn to type? Astounding!

    I was at one of those animal nativity's once and the pit bulls who played the 3 Kings ate the cat who played the Savior, peed on Father's leg and knocked the candle stand over. The whole church burned to the ground. Very sad.


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