Friday, November 16, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus!

Sinte Klaus.

I'm so excited for Christmas this year. It is the first year I do not have to work during the holiday season - so I can really enjoy the season without all the concerns that sap the joy out of the holidays. I don't have to worry about scheduling employees, merchandising, profits, special events, impatient customers, complainers that Christmas comes too early, or the whiners who bemoan the fact this or that company doesn't celebrate Christmas, and all that other nonsense adults get themselves stirred up about. I get to have Christmas like a child this year!
(I've already put up some garland and lights around Our Lady's shrine in the garden.)


  1. My pet peeve is people who say "Are you ready for Christmas?" WTH does that mean? Enough shopping and spending or enough cookies baked?
    My answer? I'm "always ready for Christmas!"

    Terry - what exactly do you do? Just curious. If you don't want to tell I won't be offended:)

  2. You have got to tell me which reindeer accompanies Santa in the picture. He seems...incomplete.


  3. I miss you at the store.

    Gosh, who's going to give us the lowdown on the latest Nativity sets this year?

  4. Tom - that is "Jackass" - LOL!

    Cath - The latest nativity ets are bejewlled.

    Jackie - I will - thanks.

    Adrienne - I'll post what I do.

  5. Sinterklaas isn't until the eve of December 6th - although you can put your shoe (with carrot for the horse, but that goes without saying) by the chimney and hope for a present, since he officially arrived from Spain yesterday :)

  6. St. Nicholas is my favorite.

  7. Ever heard the Nicholas Cantata by Benjamin Britten?


    (Then again, I like every composer who specifies that a solo should be sung by "the smallest boy in the choir".)

    There should be more musical pieces about saints in that way, it's a great way to broadcast them :)


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