Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who is this blogger?

Go here to find out - she's pretty smart too. (Hint: She signs her comments "Swiss Miss" as if the photo didn't give that away!)

FRIDAY penitential update: My apologies Monica. I have no training in photo shop, but I used paint to make you more modest. Now you are all presentable for Fr. Altier.


  1. Hey, someone came to my site because of this picture and I'm CERTAIN they were disappointed!!

    I think I need that couch dress!

  2. swissmiss: I think I need your hot chocolate outfit! I'll trade you.

  3. maria von trapp12:31 PM

    Ach du lieber Himmel!

  4. Cathy:
    Done deal.

    Terry now has me questioning my blogger name, which I thought was genealogical! There's no accounting for what goes through Mr. Nelson's mind. Couldn't Vincenzo Photoshop some clothes on me. Scandalous, I tell you!

    I thought I had all the copies of these old photos. I guess one should never assume.

  5. "Couldn't Vincenzo Photoshop some clothes on me. Scandalous, I tell you!"

  6. It's kinda great having Vincenzo around. Kinda like the ideal Guardian Angel; you wish for something and it just shows up!

    My Guardian Angel generally is too busy warning me about stupid things that I might be doing to spend time giving me things.

  7. Thanks Terry. Father Ubel will appreciate it (as will most of the general public). Haven't seen Father Altier since he has been down in Hastings and with the way I've been dressing lately, it's a good thing :}

  8. Isn't the chapel veil and the denim jumper the Aggie uniform?

  9. Your renditions of me are charming but not too accurate. Sorry to disappoint. I have only ever worn a chapel veil when I attended a Byzantine Catholic Church (St. John Chrysostom) in Seattle and that was only twice (borrowed from a basket upon entering). I haven't owned a dress nor skirt for years. I do wear denim...jeans, but not to church :) I used to be very ladylike in a past life, but then working in factories, labs and chip fabs forced me to leave the makeup and foo-foo days behind and embrace tee-shirts and jeans. And, most of my jeans have chemical burns in them anyway :)

    However, I bet you could walk in to just about any Mass at St. Agnes and find a lady in a denim jumper with a chapel just wouldn't be me though.


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