Monday, October 08, 2007


For Talladega - it was very free of incident.


  1. Angela: I feel like you posted that one for me! That's my guy! Truex Jr. Slobber, slobber, drool, drool...

    Thanks, sweetie!

  2. Oh, crap. I mean Terry! Did I just call you Angela!? I'm losing my mind! Long day.

    Or, are you really Angela? Gosh, I get so confused.

  3. So you're still drinking at work huh? Actually I have done this before - I didn't know whose blog I was on and I posted mixed messages - no wonder I'm off some blogrolls.

  4. I'm not very mechanically handy, so I couldn't get hired as an engine expert or body repairman, nor am I fast so you wouldn't want me as a tire changer on a pit crew.

    But I'm pretty good with hats. I would be a great "hat guy" for those post race "photo ops" when all 42 team sponsors have to have a good snap of their hat on the day's victor.


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