Friday, October 05, 2007


Too much information.

That is my only conclusion after going through a few blogs tonight. I read a rad trad blog and then a progressivist blog, and a couple in between. It all seems meaningless to me.

{Art: Bosch, "Ship of Fools"]


  1. I am going to go read a good book tonight.

  2. You are starting to sound like Jeffrey!

  3. You could always take a blogging hiatus. I haven't been around checking my favourite blogs for a week now, and it was nice to have a break! I actually considered staying in hiding! But here I am doing the rounds...

  4. Angie - I know - but I wouldn't leave the Church. If you ladies read two of the blogs I did - you would agree. It can be scary to read what some people really think and believe. The scary part is that they are so well educated and intelligent. Oh well.

  5. But, you still love me?


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