Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A funny story...

You light up my life.
When I lived in Boston I became friends with a man who was planning to enter monastic life. He was very devout and frequented the same adoration chapels as I did. One night we were out for supper - he wanted to treat me. After dinner, whereat he had insisted he bore the stigmata, and I tried to convince him otherwise, we were walking to the trolley to go our separate ways. Suddenly he started to sing Debbie Boon's song, "You Light Up My Life".
I never liked to be sung to, my Dad used to do it when he was drunk, so I was embarrassed for my friend. After he finished serenading me he said, "Terry, that's how I feel about you." I realized he was gay and had a huge crush on me. I proceeded to explain to him the monastic notion of inordinate affections and friendship. He seemed to take it well.
I never saw him again.
[This post was prompted after hearing the same song on television tonight. Sorry - I'm OCD about at least one post a day.]


  1. Aside from watching the Bold and the Beautiful, I thought you didn't watch TV? What were you doing watching "The Singing Bee?" I am so disappointed.

  2. Monica - hello! I'm a guy - I control the remote. I was surfing during a commercial break. (The cats were watching TV - not me. LOL!)

  3. I cannot get Ingrid Michaelson's song "The Way I Am" (from an OLD NAVY TV commercial) out of my head:

    "If you are chilly,
    Here take my sweater,
    'Cuz I love
    The Way you call me 'Baby'

  4. I blame the cat, too, when the children find me watching "COPS"----she always wanted to be in law enforcement.

  5. "Memories...like the corners of my mind...misty water colored memories.."

    LMAO! Terry, you have such a way about you.


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