Monday, September 10, 2007

Candidates for the Presidential Nomination

Do you know who they are?

I commented on another blog that few people have even heard of some of the more conservative candidates, such as Ron Paul, or Sam Brownback and so on. If it wasn't for certain blogs and conservative websites, I would never know who these guys are. Most people get their news via popular media, especially network news, and these guys get barely a mention. I imagine if some of them get a large enough following, their views may influence the platforms of the only two significant political parties in this country, although I have to wonder about that as well.
I'm reminded of Ross Perot, who made a decent enough showing at the polls several years ago, but that was the extent of it. Does anyone remember him?
[Photo: Ron Paul]


  1. Ron Paul is starting to get more national recognition and a swell of grassroots support. If we have candidates who share our political beliefs then it is for us to get the word out. I am very impressed with what Ron Paul has to say, especially in regards to upholding the Constitution of the USA.

  2. Thanks Elena - I linked to Paul's site so that people can know more about him.

  3. Good for you, dear Terry!!

  4. i'm impressed with ron paul. and i'm a democrat.


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