Friday, August 31, 2007

Sit-coms should only run a couple of seasons.

Short runs are better.

I've always thought that most sit-coms should only run a few seasons, since the writing generally gets so bad after an extensive run. "Seinfeld" was an exception - the writing got better and better - except the finale bombed. Remember "Mad About You"? I loved it until the kid came a long - way to wreck a good show; have a baby. "Friends" got pretty bad after awhile - but since they were my only friends, it was hard to say good-bye. British sit-coms seem to run a few seasons only, such as my favorite classic, "Faulty Towers" - I still watch it on tape. The best sit-coms were short-lived. "Designing Women", "Square Pegs", "Cybil", I better not go on - these are all really old sit-coms.
Anyway, I think blogs are like sit-coms in that respect. I only visit about 7 or 8 blogs regularly, and maybe 3 or 4 daily. That's kind of a lot. I don't really know how many visit my blogs - I have the neo-counter but hate the scrolling so I never wait to see the total. I have SiteMeter, but I've never installed it. Whatever, I don't think I get that many visitors -except when I post about the Legionaries of Christ - I should make each comment I 've received on the Legion a post - hey! that's an idea!
The Internet is a curse however, or is it just the blog that is evil? Since I have started blogging I have lost touch with the real world. I lost interest in my job and quit. I lost touch with family and friends - okay - I was never in touch with them. I hardly go out to social functions - okay - that is all the same as well. I know - I don't watch TV like I used to do. Of course TV sucks because they cancelled all the good sitcoms. Anyway - I've lost my life to blogging!
I read too much news on line and miss the TV news where hardly anything is ever reported. But it was nice, it limited my scope and formed my opinion. I was so much more open to the idea of say, war with Iraq and nuking Iran. Oh, that's right, National News doesn't carry the nuke Iran story - yet. But you know what I mean.
As far as Catholic stuff goes, I was pretty darn happy not knowing about all the liturgical abuses and other crap that goes on in the Church. When you blog and surf other sites, you find out about accusations of bishops pilfering money (Bp. Pilla), or getting beat up in a domestic situation (Bp. Pellote), or some priest running around the neighborhood naked.
Speaking of gay, I don't think for a minute that Senator Craig is gay. Why can't we take a man at his word? He told us he isn't gay. He should have simply told the press, (ala George Michael's "this is what gay people do!") "Get over it, this is what bi-sexuals do!" Doesn't the "B" in GLBT stand for bi-sexual? And shouldn't GLBT people and their supporters be coming to Craig's defense? That includes Republican and Democrat politicians. Talk about hypocrisy. (Again, LOL!)
I'm burnt out on the gay thing though. And all of the Church weirdness gets old too. Especially the coffee and donuts non-issues; like talking in Church, what people are wearing, leaving Mass early, Communion in the hand, altar girls, female ushers, big bosom-ed cantors, etc.. And I can't stay interested in all that ordinary versus extraordinary stuff, who agrees or disagrees. I better stop with that subject however - some people have devoted their lives and blogs - in some cases they seem to be synonymous- to these issues.
It seems my writing has become more labored and cautious however. When I first started out, I just wrote whatever I thought about. I was much freer. After a year and a half of writing - which I've made a creative substitute for painting I guess (LOL!) - I feel more restrained - nay, restricted. I don't like that. I'm always worried about getting people upset - you know, some of the church ladies - male or female.
Once again, I'm thinking about cutting back or even quitting the blog. Although, on Abbey 2 there is a calendar of days which shows the dates I don't post. I'm kind of OCD about that - I hate it when a day shows up that I missed a post - it's like a time clock thing in a way - so I almost feel compelled to post something each day. (That's okay though, Adoro.) I don't know what I'll end up doing. Probably posting this will occasion a flurry of posts - a veritable renaissance. Every time I think of quitting, it seems I come up with stuff I want to post. So maybe this complaint will get me out of my slump.
For a long time I've always wanted to do a post on the costumes worn by certain organizations of Catholic knights - you know, capes and berets that are wrinkled and smell like mothballs, or marabou feathers that are grungy and dirty. I have a friend who is a Marist priest, and one time while we were visiting, as I was walking around his room looking at things, I picked up a huge blue satin skull cap. He collected art and antiquities, so naturally I thought it was something from a bygone era. Laughing I asked, "What is this?" Somewhat defensively, he replied, "That is part of our habit." On second thought, I better not make fun of what people wear.


  1. Why can't we take a man at his word? He told us he isn't gay. He should have simply told the press, "Get over it, this is what bi-sexuals do!" Doesn't the "B" in GLBT stand for bi-sexual? And shouldn't GLBT people and their supporters be coming to Craig's defense? That includes Republican and Democrat politicians. Talk about hypocrisy.


    The gay cult, much like Stalinism, allows no deviance from the party line. And the party line is to be proud that you are gay, tell the world and show your stuff. That is why they run into so much resistance in the Church.

    The Church will quietly acknowledge that there have been homosexual priests and Bishops almost since the beginning. There most certainly have been bi-sexual members of the Church since the earliest of times also.

    But gays today don't think that is enough. To them it is not about homosexuality; it is about publicly and proudly claiming that your sexual preference and how you go about it is something to be proclaimed to the world. They have no room for celibate homosexuals and for bi-sexuals who only occasionally engage in homosexual activities.

    The gay movement is very much akin to the Protestant ecumenical movement whose goal is not to reunite with the Catholic Church but to remove all the dogmas and liturgies from the Church and grant full license to individuals to make their individual belief systems.

    The real goal of both movements is the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.

  2. Terry: You need to be painting, good grief! Maybe you should drop down to just one blog?

  3. I don't know how I found your Blog, I think because we both have "Napoleon Dynamite" listed as favorite flicks in our profile. But anyway I just read this post and understand what you're saying. Not only about Seinfeld and Mad About You (I never watched it post-baby), but about the writing. I am obsessed with my Blog although I am beginning to feel like I resent it because I feel like I have to hold back on my writing. The more people I know who read it, the more I have to watch what I is very constricting. And yet then I wonder why I care what people think? I ended up restricting it to a private Blog, only for friends and family, but honestly I think it would be less constricting to write if the only people who read it were total and complete strangers. Am now considering doing a Blog as an alias person. The thought that my Aunt Margie checks my Blog every morning over coffee makes me hesitant to write about things that may offend her or her devout Catholic beliefs. I don't want to offend people. I just want to write about what I think.
    Anyway I guess I am venting to you, even though you are a stranger, I have a feeling you might get it. Have a good day and thanks for the chat.

  4. I just found your Blog on some random search (I think we both like Napoleon Dynamite?) and was inspired to leave a comment b/c I agree with what you're saying here. Not only about Seinfeld and Mad About You (I never watched post-baby), but also about the writing. I used to be a real writer (somewhat) before my Blog came around, but now I am obsessed with writing the daily whims that strike me...unfortunately now that so many friends, relatives, (people who know me), read my Blog, I feel so restricted in what I feel free to say. I ended up making my Blog private, but in a way that is even worse b/c it might be easier if total and complete strangers were reading it rather than, for example, my Aunt Margie who checks it out every morning over her cup of coffee. Now I feel responsible for my words in the sense I don't want to offend Aunt Margie and her devout Catholic beliefs...etc, etc. If only I could tear myself away from my Blog and write for REAL; do something that matters. Instead I am considering starting yet another Blog, with an alias, so no one knows where to find me. Maybe then I will be free again.
    Thanks for letting me vent. I know you are a complete stranger but somehow you seem to "get it."
    Now, go paint or something.

  5. Bethany - I'm glad you found the blog. Yes - I love Napoleon Dynamite!


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