Thursday, August 30, 2007

Princess Diana

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of her death. I have been told Mother Teresa was very fond of her.


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The saint and the sinner.

    Angie M.

  2. Angie - I don't think M. Teresa was that big of a sinner. And although Diana had many good qualities, I don't think she was a saint. :)

  3. I'll never forget the day Diana died (sorry I can't say that about M.Teresa, sadly). The day before her death(30th August 1997) I had married the husband from hell and had spent the whole of my wedding night being told what a worthless piece of *bleep* I was. I got up the next morning after very little sleep and turned the tv on and heard the news that Diana had died. I cried and cried...not really for Diana, though my nation adored her and I thought her by far the most amenable of the royals, but more for myself,I suppose.

    I actually tend to forget the anniversary of my former marriage, but then I see a memorial on TV for Diana and realise that the day before was indeed that fateful day when I kinda met my own end in a way.

    How depressing am I ! Sorry :-)

  4. ukok - what a wedding night! My dad waited a couple of years before he revealed his monster side - after I was born in fact... must have been me.

    Well, I certainly glad you are out of that mess! Gosh! What people do to one another.

    God bless!

  5. Terry, oh, no, it's never the children that are to blame.With your Dad there must have been some latent propensity to monsterish behaviour but it wasn't exhibited prior to the marriage. Your Mum had nothing to reproach herself for.

    On the other hand, I knew what I was marrying into, but I had his child by that time and felt backed into a corner.

    I don't mean to gush like this, it was just the Diana thing reminded me, but now I'm telling you my life story (or a chapter of it at any rate).

    Once again, I do apologise!

  6. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I read somewhere that in the UK after Diana died and everyone had a good collective cry, that visits to psychiatrists dropped off for some time. Her death was tragic but cathartic.

    Personally she was a style icon to me and the fact that her boys are almost the same age as mine and that she was only 3 years older than me and had horrible in-laws, made her a touchstone for me. However, over the years I have come to see how dependent and needy she was and my admiration for her faded. Her sons are lovely though if they are really as the appeared in the Matt Lauer interview and Friday's memorial tribute.

    Ter - you got what I meant about the remark LOL!!! (I wasn't surprised!)

    Angie M.

  7. Angie - I'm glad you knew I was kidding. Gosh! The sitcom post has been misunderstood! Most of that was just a joke - or sarcastic - so many people thought I was writing about them. LOL!


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